Friday, October 29, 2010

oh, today.

Way too much to do this week {and as I write that, I realize the week is pretty much over}. 
survival strategy 1: putting my alarm on the opposite side of the room to force me to get up when it goes off.
survival strategy 2: downing copious amounts of Amazing Grass [affectionately called “Amazing Weed” by some].
Anyone else got a winner?

So for now, I’m thinking relaxing thoughts and getting super excited to go back to Michigan for Thanksgiving break. You can betcha bottom dollar I’m going to get here…
And here….
But you came here for nutrition slash food information, didn’t you?
After Saturday night’s fantastic 5 course dinner, I pretty much decided I’d never eat again. When I finally came to my senses, I used some of the leftover veggies + homemade stock to make carrot ginger soup. So simple [bonus: it’s vegan]. I may or may not have used an excessive amount of black pepper.
Today, a big group of interns worked at a health fair all day long. By noon, we’d already seen over 500 people. We were responsible for helping hospital employees interpret their cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose screenings.
Do you know the normal levels for these lab values? These are the standards we used today:
Lab Value
Normal Ranges
Total Cholesterol
<200 mg/dL
HDL Cholesterol
>40 mg/dl men                      >50 mg/dL women
TC/HDL Ratio
Glucose <100 mg/dL fasting
<140 mg/dL not fasting
Blood Pressure

I had a screen done, and fortunately fell within normal limits for everything. If you’ve never been screened, you should be. It’s a really fast and easy process that can help identify risks for disease.
Don’t worry, I’m still thinking about probiotics. I have a huge test on Tuesday that’s taking up a lot of time right now. And…I just finished a presentation today on low carbohydrate diets for treating elevated blood lipids, which is another post for another time.
Alrighty, back to the books. I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow already! Does anyone have fun costume ideas (that I can steal) for Halloween?!


  1. Exactly what I do. My alarm is across the I do wake up on time.

  2. my alarm is definitely on the other side of my room right now, its just necessary! good luck on your test next week.

  3. LOL After shadowing a nutritionist this past summer, I became quite familiar with Ensure! Maybe someone should be that for Halloween? JUST KIDDING!

  4. your carrot ginger soup looks so delicious!

  5. such a good idea about the alarm! I get kind of freaked out about unidentified people in costumes too, but also have a picture with the ensure bottle from FNCE :)
    I'm looking forward to your other posts. I knew a gal that was eating 7 nectarines a day and her triglycerides were through the roof.
    I don't have a costume either! have a great weekend :)

  6. I put my alarm on the other side of the room, wake up to turn it off, and go back to sleep...alarm FAIL! haha.

    I love health fairs! We had to do one in nursing school and I got to teach old people about bone health!

  7. For once in my life, I'm not actively sleep-deprived, but I totally used to set my alarm far enough away to make me get out of bed to turn it off!

    I love Amazing Weed,, Grass! :)

  8. "unidentified people inside giant costumes sort of freak me out"

    Me too!!! :|

  9. That soup looks amazing!!!

    My husband uses the same alarm clock strategy. :)

  10. Great stress strategies. I have a new obsession for Amazing Grass products. They really are helpful, and I don't think it's the placebo effect. Their website's claims ARE true. What do you think about the whole acid/base balance theory? I know your busy, but sometime when you get the change I'd love to hear your view of that. Until then, stay strong and stay'll be in Michigan before you know it! Good luck studying.

  11. Ah! Thinking Thanksgiving thoughts! I can't believe how quickly time flew this year.
    I love hearing about your job. Your alarm clock strategy sounds foolproof. I should try it...except that the hubby would not be happy!

  12. YAY Michigan!! Amazing Weed - hahah! Love the name!

    You look so professional in your white coat. That event sounds fun! Good luck studying!

  13. Carrot ginger soup sounds delicious. I agree, look at you rockin' that lab coat. I love dietetic interns, you guys are our future! Keep up the good work and enthusiasm.

  14. Haha, I have 3 alarms set at different times in case I accidentally fall back asleep ;) I needed the 2nd one this morning! "Amazing weed"--love it! and yay for Michigan! I can't wait to go back for Thanksgiving, either :)

  15. Oof, I'm sorry about your rough day(s) and busy week! Hang in there!

    Michigan looks really awesome. I miss having water nearby! I smell a visit!

  16. yummmm I totally want to make that soup :) it looks super delicious!

    I can't believe you got stuck in the rain and locked out of your car! I would have cried haha

  17. Hi Emily! thanks for the comment, nice to meet you. I love the tufts program so far-sometimes it is a little intense with the Masters classes and the DI rotations together. how is St. Louis? btw- how did you find my blog?

  18. Where is my soup. I am steeling it for tomorrow. Kelly is giving me the stink eye in that picture.

  19. Let me know what you find, for sure! Thanks for getting back to me Emily :) Happy Halloween!

  20. omg i do the same thing with my alarm clock too! works like a charm in the morning.

  21. Wow I am still wishing I could have gone to your dinner party. That soup is making my mouth water! How is it that creamy and the color so gorgeous?? *sigh*

    Cute cute picture of you and the giant protein shake. hahaha Do nutritionists approve of those drinks? Or are they...too full of artificial stuff?

    P.s. Maybe you could borrow the giant protein shake as the costume for halloween!! :P
    Have a fabulous Sunday girl! And stop by if you'd like to win some flax crackers!

  22. Wow a health fair that looks like fun :) Yeah I am having blood work done soonish!

  23. So excited about that vegan carrot ginger soup! Yay for health fairs!


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