Thursday, October 14, 2010

bake therapy

I found out that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week, but I’m convinced that it just wasn’t the right fit. Sometimes things don't work out, and that's totally ok.

I’ve always found baking somewhat therapeutic. Something about pounding dough and stirring batter with a wooden spoon is entirely soothing.
{yes, yes…this is my apron from food science class when I was a soph in college}.
Anyway, I decided to put my creative energy to use by making homemade pretzels. I’ve tried this in the past and failed quite miserably, so I was a little hesitant, but I’m glad I reattempted the recipe {thank you, Joy the Baker!}.
Pretty sure I dipped this baby in dijon mustard {ok, I admit it…I’m currently obsessed with dijon mustard. and spicy peanut sauce}. These pretzels are made with white flour, but I’m sure you could use a little whole wheat if you wanted.
Time to go turn myself into a human pretzel via yoga.
What’s your fave form of therapy?
Embroidery tutorial coming soon!


  1. I'm sure you know that running is my favorite therapy ;)

  2. Em, I think you've got the right attitude. I'll tell you that this is the toughest job environment I've ever experienced. Be persistent, you're a very good candidate!

  3. I'm sorry you didn't get the job, but I completely agree with you that everything happens for a reason and G-d has a plan!

  4. Oh yum to those pretzels. I just watched a little boy in the commissary climb up the bakery cabinet and grab a pretzel bigger than his head. His mom did not even notice until I was like Ok sweetie, let's be careful, because he was standing on a metal rail, he actually hoisted himself up. But he won his prize. Glad his mom realized it was appropriate to buy the pretzel because the kid has his hands all over the pretzel.

    As for your first paragraph, I agree 100%. I also think that sometimes we know subconsciously when the job just does not fit right and we sabotage ourselves without even knowing it, the where the potential employer can get a subtle hint that this is not what we really want.

    Lastly, because of you, I added some cucumbers and tomatoes to my groceries today so I can make some israeli salad. Thanks!

  5. Very lovely pretzels! I am sorry about the job :( However, as you said, you ARE very skilled and qualified for the RIGHT job that you will be carried into. Hopefully soon!

    Can one have a thrift shop therapy? :) Oh what a convert I have become...PS: I bought these big beautiful Kale leaves last night, and some Almond breeze and thought of you. :)

  6. sorry to hear that you didn't get that job but you're absolutely right about everything has a purpose and if you didn't get that job it's because something better for you is waiting for you!!! Cheer up the spirit! I find baking/cooking very therapeutic too! I think next time I need that kind of theraphy I'll just throw a party and cook for my friends! :)

  7. dear - you will find the perfect job for you. those interviews just take you closer to it! *hugs*

    and those pretzels look so yum!

  8. Sorry about the job, but as you said, it must not have been the right fit. Twice now I have either not gotten a job or lost a job, only to find bigger and better opportunities later! That will happen to you.

    Baking is my favorite form of therapy, by far. These pretzels look AMAMAMAMAZING!

  9. sorry to hear about the job Emily but Im sure there's an even better one waiting for you somewhere! baking is absolutely the best therapy out there and it looks like the pretzels themselves didn't hurt either!

  10. Good luck with your job search! It will work out when it's right. :)
    My favorite therapy = yoga. I did some today!

  11. piano used to be a way to relax, unwind, and tinker. haven't played in quite a while. Emily, I'm dissapointed about that job. But I wholeheartedly agree with your perspective, God has something else in store!

  12. so sorry about the job sweet Emily, wow amazing pretzels yum, oh I like to take long walks LOL Rebecca

  13. Mmm! I love soft pretzels from scratch! (Not that I've ever attempted this myself.) I hate fair ones because they're too salty, blech.

    I like to bake when I'm stressed too. :)

    I'm sure there is a perfect and exciting job out there for you! I hope it finds you soon!

  14. sorry about the job but you're right...God does have a plan and I'm confident he has great things in store for you :)

    Baking is my therapy too. That and running! I've been meaning to try of these days! Yours look so yum!

  15. i wish i baked for therapy (especially pretzels - hot dang!)
    instead i let other people knead me...massages are my (expensive) self-therapy

  16. Beautiful pretzels! Cooking is definitely my #1 therapy, but I also love to sing to relax--is that weird?

  17. I was really upset when I didn't get the jobs I interviewed for earlier this year, but if I had taken those jobs, I wouldn't have gotten the one I am about to start because I would have stopped looking! Honestly, the other jobs I would have taken solely because they aren't my current job, not because I really thought they'd be great. I was tired of people telling me "everything happens for a reason," but sometimes it's true!

    Baking at 1am was good therapy for me...and the nurses I work with always appreciate my creations. :) I love Joy the Baker!

  18. i think baking is great therapy and great with kids too for then only fun.. as therapy

  19. It would have to be noon (when I'm the hungriest and furthest from eating) when I run into a post looking THAT good.

    Thanks for the pretzel visuals and for the "find your own therapy" inspiration

    Glenn K.
    Editor & Publisher of All About Mardi Gras


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