Tuesday, July 3, 2012

summer snapshots

This rainbow shot through a humid evening downtown recently...it was pretty amazing. The warm weather is officially here to stay. Fortunately, I now have window air conditioner after coming to the conclusion that 97 degrees + no sleep is pretty awful. How did people survive pre-air conditioning?

I haven't done any races since the frustratingly hot St. Louis Half, but two weekends ago I ran a breezy 15k along the lakeshore, and Dave completed his first triathlon. Races always seem to inspire my running a little. There's just something about running with a bunch of people who know what it's like to get up for a training run at 5:30 am or sweat through 88 degrees at the end of a stressful work day; it's like instant camaraderie. I don't know if you've ever watched a triathlon before, but holy craziness...these people are hard core.

Still on the no-cooking food rule (and therefore eating a lot of smoothies and salads). If you're looking for heat-free ideas check here. Or maybe you should just eat this. The Chocolate Moose in Bloomington, IN makes an amazing grasshopper ice cream that I will replicate before the summer is over. What kind of ice cream are you eating this summer?

Dave made this wheat berry salad, which was delicious. Wheat berries are the whole wheat kernel pre-processing, containing both bran and germ. They contain fiber, protein, iron, and B vitamins and have a slightly nutty taste and chewy texture.

And my next project involves these. Any guesses?


  1. Oh, a breezy 15K? Nooooo big deal, right? :)

    Are you making popsicles by any chance? I ran across a recipe on Elephantine a while ago for strawberry lime yogurt pops that I need to make as soon as I possibly can. Yum.

    Glad to hear you've gotten AC to beat the heat!

  2. I love wheat berries....but always cook them....how did you get them soft?

    And I agree about tris, people are DEDICATED! Whew!
    But I also don't like the herd-ness feeling of races, sometime. There is more freedom and fun for me in "i am running because I want to Saturday 10 miler...." Do you ever not like the competition part of it?

    I love your no cooking challenge...I am doing all vegan and no processed foods/white foods (e.g. pretzels, sugars) for three weeks starting sunday

  3. I can usually take the heat when we get up to 105+ when it's dry, but I'm not sure I would do so well if it was hot with humidity! I've been doing a lot less cooking lately too, trying to get a higher proportion of raw veggies :)Been making a lot of green smoothies, salads, soaked nut and veggie pates, overnight oats, etc. mmm That wheatberry salad looks wonderful. I guess pops too because they are cold and delish in the summer.

  4. Totally agree about the running inspiration from races. There's nothing more inspiring than people of all kinds gathering together to bond over one thing :) STL has been extra steamy lately- 105* has become the norm :( Glad you got some AC!

  5. pleased you got an ac unit must have been rough and need to try wheatberries

  6. rainbows always always make my day. :) and i can't believe you didn't have an AC unit! thank goodness you invested in one. it is well worth the money.


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