Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello, hello. Thanks for all of the comments those of you who're still reading. I'll likely keep blogging, albeit a bit sporadically, but read and hopefully enjoy what's here. :)

I have a difficult time not falling into food patterns of eating the same things over and over again [see breakfast trends over the past few years]. It takes a lot of energy to plan meals, especially for just one person. If I make a batch of soup or a salad, I have to be willing to eat it for at least a week...or longer. Some day I'd love to institute a dinner club where everyone makes a different dish, and then you're left with 5 different meals to eat over the course of the week [now, just to find 5 friends ok with a veg-heavy diet...].

I recently had dinner with my friend, Jenn, and she brought along a new recipe for a raw kale salad that was really delicious.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about raw beets, but they actually made a lot of sense in this dish. And as much as I think kale smoothies are awesome, it's a little different to eat a pile of raw kale. We deviated from the original recipe, but our toppings of choice were beets, carrots, candied pecans, and goat cheese (similar recipe here). I'll definitely be trying out more varieties of raw kale salads in the future.

I'm excited for blueberry season in Michigan. I'm still quite addicted to smoothies because they are easy to prep a night ahead and provide quick fuel when I'm running out the door to work (as in, literally). Blueberries + banana + kale + cinnamon + a shake of vanilla extract = new fave combination. Don't drink this before you going out-it will turn your tongue a lovely shade of purple.

And the first trial of gluten free granola bars. I usually eat a granola bar each day, but that can get pretty pricey fast. Due to being raised in a family of tightwads, I've been searching for an alternative. Let me know if you have a good recipe. Most of the ones I've tried turn out pretty crumbly and more like granola than granola bars. 

I did a little crafting for Mother's Day. I'm kind of obsessed with kraft paper and baker's twine right now. I haven't done any crafting projects in a while, but I think that soon I will try to do something creative such as reupholstering my extremely ugly chairs in need of a pattern change or something like that. I feel like I've been in transition a lot the past couple of years, and that's caused me to abandon some of the things I love doing while portioning energy for finding jobs, packing and repacking apartments, and moving to new cities. 

Maybe this crazy talk is the result of recently turning 27 [yikes?!] and not wanting to waste more time on the activities mentioned above [seriously who moves 5 times in 2 years?!]. So, hopefully, I'll slowly start wading back into the things that energize me, music, good books, theatre, teaching and learning, and dance classes? I love nutrition, but I crave balance. I can't do one thing 24x7 and expect sanity to happen automatically.

So here's to more growing and continually moving forward and doing//finding good things...


  1. Happy belated b-day Emily :) Don't say yikes to 27, that makes us older folks feel OLLLD. haha
    This post reminds me that I need some new hobbies of my own. This wedding planning has taken up my life, but after it's over I do want to do things like join a book club and maybe even (like you said) a dance class. I think that would be so fun!

  2. I totally feel ya on the whole eating things over and over thing. I eat cereal like every single day haha!

  3. It's totally hard just cooking for one person. I basically lived off of rice, beans, and veggies when I lived by myself. I haven't tried raw beets, but I do love and crave cooked beets. I've been really bad experimenting with recipes as of late since life seems so super busy. :( hoping to get back into it. everything looks so yummy, especially the gluten/dairy free granola bars!

  4. The kale salad looks delish - I'm sure it's easy to make this a new favourite!

  5. Blueberries!! Someday I'd like to have a row of blueberry bushes in my backyard... there's nothing better than plucking them off the bush and popping them into your mouth. I'm sure that smoothing is pretty comparable, though. Well, without the kale ;)

    And isn't there some famous theory of insanity that has to do with repetition? :) Good luck in trying to break up the monotony that is daily life! I vote dance class and a good book.

  6. ahhh i'm totally the same - once i like something, i eat it over and over again. i've been loving tahini with greens! hmmm yes its had to find others who love veggies too. i like baby kale, which i find much easier to eat raw :). hope all is well!

  7. It is quite consuming to plan meals. I bet a bunch of people would love to get together to mix things up.

  8. I am going to try a raw kale with peaches, mushrooms, and almonds because of this post! Thank you!

  9. Yay for kale! I'm so happy when I see people use more of kale! It's so crazy good for you and can be incoorperated in many dishes :)

    xo, Samantha

  10. just love your posts and I second the search for balance. Um..can I join your dinner club?! I was thinking the same thing would be such a fun idea to get together and share recipes. Each meet-up could focus on a different theme or season :) I wish I had a slightly bigger kitchen and gathering space, but I totally want to start one. mmm kale, I've been having a smoothie packed with greens just about every morning myself.

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Emily! You are definitely helping me feel more confident about everything!

    Also, that salad looks delicious! I've just been getting into beets! So healthy.


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