Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hello spring

An unseasonably warm 80 degree day today…pretty fantastic if you ask me. I’m officially done with [pseudo] winter. If it’s going to be summer weather, the warmer temps better stay. Can’t wait to spend more time here…


This weekend Dave and I attempted to duplicate the Mediterranean veggie sandwich made by a certain bread company. I have to admit that he did most of the work, baking bread and blending pesto. I chopped veggies…and ate.

1] Things started with homemade tomato basil bread


2] And lots of chopped veggies: red onion, tomato, and cucumbers.


3] Basil pesto: the pesto was amazing. Incredibly excited for more farmers’ market fresh basil.


4] Final product: it didn’t taste exactly like Panera’s version; I actually thought it was much fresher (there’s also a sprinkling of feta cheese in there).


My sister is also here on her last spring break ever. We are going to eat vegetarian food and ice cream (it all balances out, right? right??) and probably yoga. I’ve been doing this yoga podcast almost every morning before work, and it’s pretty nice to start out the day in a de-stressed fashion.


Do you have a famous dish that you’ve tried to recreate on your own? Success or not?


ps. wheatgrass post is still forthcoming. and so is a new little series i’m pretty excited about…


  1. That bread looks INCREDIBLE. And I wish I could come be there with you two and eat vegetarian food and ice cream and run and hang out!

  2. I love trying to recreate favorite foods from restaurants. I've actually never had Panera's Mediterranean sandwich, now that I think about it.

    Have a fun time with your sister this week!! She better take advantage of this LAST spring break, ever!

  3. Yum!! I love the Mediterranean sandwich, though I think the peppadew peppers are a key ingredient!

  4. i love mediterranean flavors. hummus, yum! i've been doing a lot of yoga and pilates lately. i bought my first magic circle the other day so that i can finally stretch at home. i feel so good! hope you continue to enjoy the weather. 80 degrees is crazy. our highest in NJ was 74!

  5. yum and fun. This weather is incredible! Although I can hear Bethany saying it's not good running weather. Better yoga weather?

  6. I like that challenge and it looks REALLY fun!

    I tried to make a lighter version of Starbucks Maple Oat Scones and FAILED the first time, but each time I am getting better and better (it's the GLAZE that's important!)

  7. Yum, yum, yum... that's one of my favorite Panera sandwiches! I tried to make their broccoli cheddar soup once upon a time and it was a total disaster. I do make a pretty tasty lightened up version of Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits, though.

  8. I love that sandwich! The bread looks amazing, I might have to try that soon...

  9. wow awesome sandwich and would for you to join me for #tuesfoodmarket basically on twitter just tweet pics of food market finds with the hash tag

  10. LOVE sister visits.

    I tried making sugar free thin mints once. I thought they were good, but anyone who's not a huge fan of bitter chocolate didn't dig 'em. =)

  11. Yes! the Mediterranean Veggie is amazing! I've tried replicating it as well, but you went all out with the bread. :) I'll have to try that. Excited about your post on wheatgrass. I just had my first wheatgrass shot the other day and was really surprised how yummy it was!

  12. Kudos for trying to recreate a Panera sandwich. Freshly baked bread is what makes them so good. Your version looks terrific.

  13. The sandwich looks delicious! I hope you had a fabulous time with your sister!

  14. That sandwich looks amazing! The BF and I always try to re-create restaurant dishes (well he does most of the work and I'm the official tester and photographer!).



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