Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Umm, this is not a valentine’s day post. Sorry for the disappointment, but I feel like there’s enough schmooze going around the interwebs this time of year. Not that it’s a bad thing to celebrate love, but I think every day is a good day to love the people in your life…

So, let the swappage begin…

1} $9 wraps at the deli hurt the wallet and the soul

Good news; you can make your own. Roasted red pepper hummus + lettuce + grated and cooked sweet potato, onion, lentil, and egg mixture + feta cheese on a whole wheat wrap. And it doesn’t cost a kidney.


2} goodbye office supplies of boringness and monotony that make me want to poke out my eyes.

This is my work survival stash: crazy colored post-its and highlighters courtesy of my very thoughtful boyfriend, gum, chapstick, inkjoy pens, peppermint tea, and lots of lined legal pads.


3} bad restaurant food that makes your insides want to die.

I recently met a friend for dinner at the electric cheetah. Black rice with green beans, fresh mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and grilled tofu = extremely simple but delicious. One of those meals that I’d like to replicate at home.


4} work clothes of uncomfortableness and varying shades of taupe.

Who decided that tailored trousers and uncomfortable tops and blazers were considered more work appropriate than say…colored skinny jeans, Toms, and cardigans? 


And thus, I end my rant for the night. What sort of things are you swapping out these days?



  1. I want those shoes! I shy away from those yellows and oranges wearing big colors, but promise to buy 2 shirts with these big colors after seeing this post.

    I share your sentiments about V-day. I feel it is victorious when it is not a needed thing, but a sense of knowing you have loved and are loved through the year. Same with Mother's and Father's Day. I like surprise gifting more than obligatory.


  2. I'm not into the overpriced wraps either that I can make a much better version of at home, just like some of those yucky meals at restaurants where you wonder how long it sat around before they served you. One thing I am loving now is all the Japanese office (school) supplies. They have the coolest stuff here.

  3. Oh I love your colors of your work survival stash. It's so YOU!
    I substituted bad coffee for good coffee this last month. I was drinking a nasty brand because it was cheap. This month I spent a couple dollars more on a coffee that makes me smile every morning :)

  4. I love all office supplies...we are overflowing with them.

    I JUST made the same swap as Gina! My sister is visiting this weekend and I was embarrassed to give her cheap coffee, so I bought nice stuff...and decided we should stick with it. We deserve good coffee too!

  5. i'm all about frilly blouses, cardigans, and skinny jeans! i have yet to buy a pair of toms though! i'm all about swapping too :). i'd rather make my own food at home rather than go out to eat, to save money and for health sake :). i love post it notes too!!!! always carry them in my purse along with the thin point sharpie flair pens. they are the best pens EVER! :) have a wonderful week emily!

  6. that you mention it, who DID come up with work's dress code rules? Haha!

    And the wrap sounds fantastic! So much flavor. Can't wait to try and replicate it! :D

  7. I wish I could wear colored skinny jeans and my Toms to work! But since I'm young and work at a college, I pretty much try to avoid anything that makes me look like a student... which is still pretty hard to do in trousers and cardigans. Sigh.

  8. I like your wrap and black rice salad, both look delicious! :)

  9. Yes- peppermint is the ultimate office supply! :) I'm always swapping out sweet new clothes from salvation army or consignment shops instead of going to the mall and spending 3x as much!

    FYI - saw the preview of the women's mailer with your little interview. Looks so good! thanks again for agreeing to do it!

  10. We have those exact plates!!! :D I'm sorry the wrap wasn't very good; though, homemade wraps are ta bomb!

  11. Color makes all the difference!

  12. Can you please do a work outfit of the day post? Your office duds sound so cute! These days I'm swapping out tea for coffee because I need the buzz, and adding really good cheese to my salads to pump up the flavour!


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