Thursday, January 5, 2012

a good start to 2012…

Are you used to writing that on everything yet? It takes me a while to correctly date everything. Lately, I’ve been getting the year right but the month wrong. Clearly, I want it to still be December.

The holidays flew by but were an enjoyable time of eating good food and spending time with family and friends, including my favorite twin sister.


And someone super awesome knows my organizational obsession pretty well and got me these fantastic highlighters and post-it notes to make work more fun. Best gift ever.


Our family makes Swedish cardamom bread every year, and it’s wonderful with my favorite coffee. Such a good Asian Swede.


NY Eve was spent waiting for the ball to drop and playing legos with some good friends. Love them. Photo courtesy of Misty’s iphone.


As a dietitian, I’m very aware that this time of year comes with resolutions to be healthier, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing…but the motivation often doesn’t last. Rather than go crazy, I believe in baby steps toward better health; start where you are and grow toward something more. If that means walking during your lunch break or eating vegetables 2x a week, that’s good. If it means making dinner from scratch one night a week and giving up diet pop and Splenda, that’s good, too. And if it means giving yourself a break to eat ice cream, that is also good. ;)

My favorite thing right now is roasting a ton of vegetables (sweet and red potatoes, brussels sprouts (?! i know, i know), onions, beets, squash, etc) with garlic and olive oil (and a ton of black pepper) and eating over lettuce with tahini or on top of quinoa. So good. It also is a quick meal to throw together at the end of the day when my energy level takes a dive.


We got our first snowstorm in Michigan last weekend, but the snow has melted, and it’s back to running in 40 degree temps. It’s been perfect running season for a while, and I hope it stays that way. Wishful thinking? Perhaps…


And…I don’t particularly like making NY resolutions, but I think it’s always good to keep moving in a forward direction, and if anything, I hope that this year I’ll keep growing and pursuing good things, being creative, and seeking adventure [while avoiding becoming a boring, working adult without any imagination].

What about you?? Pro NY resolutions or not??



  1. i'm still jealous you have a twin!

    i don't make new years resolutions anymore. but i do thnk a lot about things i'd like to change. i just meditated for the first time i think in a year???

  2. I don't usually make NY resolutions, but this year I have one of eating healthier and exercising regularly. But really, I don't think resolutions work all that well. You're either going to change or your not, and New Years most likely won't give you the gumption to stick with it, if you don't have it already.

  3. I feel like most new years resolutions are broken before the first week of February :) I'm more of a list person. Small changes, attainable goals, so I'm not setting myself up for failure.

    And that cardamom bread sounds amazing (and looks beautiful in your linked post - wow!)

  4. i feel like making resolutions (at least for me) sets me up for failure right away. i get too lofty in my goals... it usually ends up in world domination.

    alsoooo if you are ever in the chicago area PLEASE text me or anything i would LOVE to meet up with you! and take you to Argo Tea haha (708-267-5021)

  5. I have some resolutions, but I don't really make them into a big deal. They are more like yearly goals. I like the word GOAL much better.
    I love the gift you got, with the sticky notes and highlighters. I would enjoy a nerdy gift like that too! And, I am obsessed with roasted veggies these days too, yesterday I did butternut squash and petite purple potatoes. So good!

  6. I haven't made any resolutions yet and so I feel quite left out and unambitious for it because all I am doing besides watching my son grow is read other people's resolutions. I like how comfortable you are with aiming towards progress, it's simple and good. You are a good Asian and Swede.

  7. Cardamom bread sounds SO good, and I lovelovelove your coffee mug!

    I love resolutions, but tend to use them as a sort of reset button...not something I focus on throughout the year. My bf is like you though...he's always trying to make little improvements, so he doesn't see much point setting resolutions each year.

  8. cardamom bread? that sounds exotic and intriguing! :)

    I'm notna resolution kind of person because I would rather do itnwhen things occur. but year i have few in mind that coincidently occurred over the holiday season, so I have a few things that I want to improve on! :)

  9. Happy 2012! :)

    I love roasting veggies, too. I could roast and eat them every single day!

    I don't really make "big" resolutions, but I do like to remind myself of my overall life goals this time of the year. It's nice to refocus a bit.

  10. yummm! I totally think the sweet/red potatoes sound amazing with the brussel sprouts. all great veggies to be roasted together! Glad you had a great new year!

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  12. I'm totally with you on the postits and highlighters...those make me happy as well! :) And to be honest, I don't usually make NY resolutions but I did this year. Just goals for the year. Have a good week!

  13. I am not for resolutions, but I am all for goals! While resolutions usually have good intentions, they also usually lack some form of an action plan. Needless to say, without that plan part, they often fall short. I stick with goals, which of course can be set any time of year. Oh, and I am a nerd like that too. You would love the Japanese school supply stores. I spend hours in there. I just bought little fork, knife and spoon place marker stickies. My husband has been using penguin page markers in his books. They are like your basic 3M sticky tabs but way cooler.

  14. i love post it notes! i carry them in my purse. and roasted veggies (i love brussels!) with tahini, quinoa, YUMMMMY! that is my kind of eats there. we haven't had snow yet in NJ, its kind of strange, but i'm not complaining!

  15. I'm fairly anti-resolution this year...I'm calling them "plans" instead because it sounds more concrete.

    Need to make roasted vegetables soon, I forgot how good they are and how easy they make throwing together a (healthy!) meal.

  16. I love writing on post-its too! I recently found Evernote and am giving it a try to save some paper and still have access to my notes at all times :) roasted veggies are the best! I do like having goals in mind for the new year and also have to implement the realistic plans to get there. Happy 2012!

  17. I LOVE roasting vegetables!!! The flavors they get while roasting are uncomparable! :D


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