Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy christmakuhwali

So the space between Thanksgiving and Christmas has been pretty busy. Lots of thrifting and scouring etsy for unique gifts and making [and eating] delicious food. And lots of running to temper those things because the weather has been snowless, and no one wants to turn into a human donut in a single month.


Eating at holiday parties is always interesting. I usually get away with my food selections because people a) assume that I have weird dietitian food preferences or b) I bring a vegetarian dish. Otherwise, ethical eating can be a great conversation starter or surefire way to become uninvited to someone’s next dinner party.


For one such xmas gathering, Dave and I made flatbread pizza using this dough recipe and adding goat cheese, onions, sundried tomatoes, and basil for toppings. It was so popular that I didn’t get any.


And although Christmas is definitely not about the gifts for me (in fact, I would be ok without; the commercialization of this particular holiday is kind of obnoxious), I kind of love artsy gift tags and craft paper {or paper grocery bags, courtesy of Meijer). And it’s super fun to pick out gifts for others that are not necessarily expensive but still thoughtful.


And I finally experienced homemade ice cream, thanks to a collaborative effort from the Friday night culinary club


I made peanut butter cups to slice into mix, and they were pretty great, not to mention super easy to make. It literally takes 10 minutes.


The result? So much richer than store-bought ice cream. And I’m super excited about the wealth of recipes that exists…and that I’ll actually recognize all the ingredients in each batch.


The Christmas eve craziness at my house is about to begin…but hope that you enjoy the festivities, wherever you might be. :)