Tuesday, October 25, 2011

apple addiction

So my kitchen sink is still incredibly full of dirty dishes.

If that’s not a sign of a happy weekend of cooking, I’m not sure what is. There were chocolate chip pancakes, goat cheese and spinach quesadillas, and creamy carrot soup…for starters.

And while my last trip to the apple orchard was slightly unsuccessful [in terms of picking apples], this trip to Robinette’s was pretty awesome.


Of course, when my partner in crime and I picked the bag that was supposed to hold 20 apples, our first priority was to make sure we got at least 30 in the bag (31 for the win, thankyouverymuch).


So many delicious things to do with apples, but classic apple pie just seemed fitting. Needless to say, this recipe provides quite the sugar high.


Sunday morning post church ritual has become coffee and/or breakfast at a local diner. Usually I have eaten breakfast by this time, so anything I choose to eat I label “second breakfast.”  This puzzles my friends…and then they tease me for eating cinnamon rolls or chocolate chip pancakes because they know I’m a dietitian. As if I eat salads for breakfast or something. Puh-lease.


I also drank some powerful coffee (why is hole-in-the-wall-diner coffee 60 billion times stronger than regular coffee?!) that turned my 3.5 mile run into a 6.5 mile run. It’s officially fall running season.


btdubs:: i need apple recipes because i still have apples galore in my fridge. i want your best strudels, salads, etc. give me the tops, friends. what’s your fave way to use apples?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

weekend of wonderfulness

Back from a fantastic weekend get away to the hipster town of Bloomington, IN. Saturday morning started off with a bike ride to the farmers’ market to pick up lettuce and taste mini watermelon cukes. Not a fan…they were pretty sour. But kind of adorable as much as a vegetable can be adorable.


There was also a trip to the apple orchard slash pumpkin patch. Just seems like a necessary fall activity, no?


Pie pumpkins remind of my dietetic internship at St Louis University, where I once made a ginormous batch of pumpkin dip from pie pumpkins, which do not taste or look like solid pack pumpkin, which may or may not have caused a rowdy class of 4th graders to engage in a near food fight. Lesson learned.


You know, sometimes the best conversations about life happen around mountains of pumpkins and vats of apples in the crisp fall air. We had a good time chatting about dream jobs and traveling and living in the spirit of adventure, which I hope to do even when I’m 84.


We were sad to discover that all of the apples had been picked and bagged but consoled ourselves with hot apple cider and biscuits with amazing homemade apple butter.


Vanessa and Trevor brought their new dog, Donner, along for the excitement.


I think it’s safe to say he had a good time…


And no fall trip to Btown would be complete without a trip to the Chocolate Moose for pumpkin ice cream. In this case, it seems I am eating hot fudge with a side of pumpkin ice cream. This may be true, but it was totally worth it.


But now it’s back to the real world of working and running and yoga-ing and making (hopefully) good food. The weather has been perfect for fall running, so I’m looking forward to more of that in the near future. And there may be some additional fall weekend adventures just ahead…

btdubs :: what did you do this weekend? and your thoughts on pie pumpkins?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So obviously I haven’t been any better about blogging lately. This has certainly been a year of transition, and I think I’m still trying to find consistency in the midst of everything. When you change cities, jobs, and apartments as much as I have recently, it’s difficult not to feel like you’re just on one long road trip.
Balance has always been really important to me, lest life become a spin cycle of workrunsleep[repeat]…and returning to some sense of this is something I’m working on, whether it is doing more of the things I love or escaping the science of the everyday with some creativity.
Or drinking lots of kale smoothies (frozen banana slices, kale, almond milk, Michigan apple!, touch of cinnamon) to taper the effect of eating ice cream for dinner.
And although it now seems we’re experiencing the remnants of a pretty awesome (read warm) summer, the previous week straight of rain induced a lot of soup making.
{the easiest vegetable soup ever}.
Step 1 : Make a simple roux: melt 1 T butter, sauté 1/4-1/2 cup of onions until translucent. Add 1 T flour.
Step 2: Add 1/2-1 cup of milk (almond milk for me) and 2 cups vegetable stock. Heat until boiling, stirring until slightly thickened. Add lots of vegetables, black pepper, and you’re done.
Step 3: Make homemade crackers (why are crackers so good in soup?!). I used whole wheat flour and almond milk instead of cream. But I’m sure they’re incredibly delicious without recipe alteration.
And speaking of balance…I laughed when I read this article in the NY Times. Super doses of vitamins apparently don’t prevent diseases. What.a.surprise. While I didn’t read the specifics of each study, I usually find that most vitamin superusers do so to compensate for other unhealthful habits, as in: hey, I’m going to down this bottle of vitamin C to counteract my daily McDonald’s habit. Bottom line: strive for health, not quick fixes.
Adios, friends. Time for another fun filled day of food allergies and the wonderful world of all things gastrointestinal.
btdubs: out of curiosity, do you take any vitamins/supplements? (i'm a vitamin c fan and i like amazing grass).