Thursday, September 29, 2011

fall in full force

How’s that for alliteration?!

Fall [weekend] mornings = big sweaters, opaque tights, and homemade pumpkin spice lattes.


And the farmers’ market…do you have certain things that make you feel at home no matter where you may be? This is definitely one of them for me. Buying eggs and fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers makes me incredibly happy.


Making curtains was also on my hipster hit list. I got these fantastic curtains from the ex-apartment mate, took out 60 billion weird pleats, and worked a little sewing machine magic.


Finished product. Oh, yes. That is a record player, and it is amazing. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. Or maybe I just enjoy things that were more thoughtfully made and built to last vs everything fashioned from cheap particle board.


And here is an interesting recipe for you. Meat-less muffins with a lot of flavor, but you have to be ok with a bean-y texture. I’m always looking for quick weeknight recipes, and I’ve made this one twice.


Excited for the weekend, which will (among other things) include sleeping in and making delicious something(s) from my farmers’ market produce…


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

delinquent updater

Guilty as charged.

So I’m not sure what really happened in between my last post and now. Actually, I do know. Craziness and pure insanity. I’ve been at my new job for about a month and really love a lot of things about it so far. I’m working with kiddos who have various gastrointestinal disorders, and food allergies are a recurring theme, which is really interesting and challenging. Future post on that to come…

Here is a little preview of my new space. Lots and lots of character, hardwood floors, high ceilings, tons of natural light [I like it a lot].

And…I guess we’re officially cut off from summer weather now, although fall is my favorite season, and I love sweater weather and the colors of the changing leaves and all of that jazz. I snapped this at a wedding last weekend….the warm weather may be gone, but there are still fantastic sunsets to be enjoyed.


And with fall weather comes the first of many batches of homemade soup. Vegan carrot ginger soup is a fave and super easy to make. Get the recipe here.


Also, fall (for me) means pumpkin everything. Pumpkin pancakes were the star of Saturday morning breakfast. So good.


I’m still exploring Grand Rapids, but it seems to be a pretty artsy city with a bent toward the local food movement, which I appreciate. I had my first pumpkin ale of the season with a good friend visiting from Honduras earlier this week.


And ArtPrize just started today…there are a lot of random pieces of art in yards, on the side of buildings, restaurant lobbies, etc. It’s pretty cool.

Fave thing about fall?