Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a very un-foodie thanksgiving

So, last year’s Thanksgiving was a kitchen marathon of sorts (aka Foodbuzz 24^3 event), which allowed for a lot of culinary creativity and local food. It was a fun (but exhausting) day culminated with $80 worth of homemade ice cream.

Unfortunately, this year I caught the plague of death, which got me banned from the kitchen and all food preparation. So much for getting the flu shot this year [totally bitter about this].


So, instead I present two post-Thankgiving recipes. The Brussels sprouts can really be made whenever. I’ve come to appreciate this vegetable after years of associating it with water chestnuts, jicama, and beets (the other 3 foods I despise). It’s quite miraculous, actually.

For this recipe, I halved the sprouts, tossed them with olive oil, salt, garlic, and pepper and roasted them @ 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. After roasting, I drizzled them with a tablespoon or two of maple syrup and added some dried cranberries.


A break from traditional turkey soup (although that was also consumed in our house post T-day). I made a basic pizza crust and topped it with a thin layer of cheese, sundried tomatoes, leftover turkey, onions, and mozzarella cheese.  


I felt better on Thanksgiving day and was super thankful for that among other things. And it was pretty fantastic to get 4 days off…one of the perks of switching to outpatient nutrition.

photo (6)

Looks like I’ll be downing the vitamin C and ordering more wheat grass stat. Being sick is not something I’d like to repeat anytime soon…

Any favorite ways to use up Tgiving leftovers?



  1. god i just love eating leftovers straight up! i wish we had some in the house now...

  2. I avoided brussel sprouts because everyone always said they were the worst, but I just found out that they're not! They are delicious green gems. And that photo of the water is pretty.

  3. My Grandma heats up her homemade stuffing and turkey in a skillet, with a little water and butter. It's the best! I look forward to this on Friday more then Thanksgiving dinner!!

  4. I hope you feel better! I hardly had leftovers, but the small pieces of turkey with sweet potatoes on the side made for some perfect meals to take to work...

  5. Your table is beautiful! My family always holds a 'Leftovers" dinner on Black Friday, which is basically a slightly smaller repeat of Thanksgiving dinner the night before.

  6. Both recipes look amazing. I'm secretly hoping we can replace our green bean casserole with brussels sprouts someday.

    We also have turkey soup post-Thanksgiving. My dad makes a turkey corn chowder, with a clean broth and lots of vegetables. It is SO delicious.

  7. Sorry you got sick!

    Simple, homemade pizza is always a favorite in our house.

    My favorite way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers is to turn them into mini turkey pot pies with a mashed potato topping.

  8. i love brussels! i made something similar for my thanksgiving too :). hope you are feeling better! fresh pressed vegetable juice and fresh pressed valencia orange juice :). hugs.

  9. I'm sorry you got sick! Do you really get more days off for doing outpatient?! I would love to hear about the differences between outpatient and inpatient work!!

    I really love Brussels sprouts and I never thought to add cranberries to em! Yum :)

  10. Oh no... sorry to hear about the plague of death... that doesn't sound pleasant at all; but there's something to be said for going with the flow and keeping things simple. I love your offerings and find them refreshingly different. I wish you a full and happy recovery! :0

  11. so sorry to heat that you couldn't enjoy thanksgiving fully food wise. but these two recipes look really good, specially the sprout one, I can imagine how tasty they are with the maple syrup, I love sprouts, I would eatnthem everyday if not because they give me gas.
    we didn't have too much leftovers because they ate it all! :)

  12. What a great use of leftover turkey! Fortunately I'm dislike turkey immensely so I never make it and never accept leftovers! I love using leftover chicken however. I like to fry it with veggies and put them in a pita or wrap for lunch.


  13. great sprouts so sorry you were feeling under the weather

  14. Hope you are feeling better now. Sorry you did not get to do more food related things for Thanksgiving. Since I don't eat turkey we really never have leftovers at our place.

  15. Brussels sprouts seem to be the "in thing" this year! I love them, and always have. We had a brussels sprout dish with pancetta for our feast. It was delicious.

    Sorry to hear you got sick! And you even had the flu shot?! What a BUMMER. I would be mad too. I hate shots.

  16. Thanks for the brussels sprouts recipe. I'm always looking for a good one!

    I don't really like T-giving leftovers for some reason. Then I feel all wasteful, boooo.

  17. Cute photo of you and Bethany!! After that walking
    adventure to the beach -- Bayley was exhausted.
    Glad you have a picture of you and not her!

  18. hey friend! loving the pic! and also, the brussels look amazing :) i've been getting them a lot this year at the farmers market.

  19. Hope you are feeling better Emily. Getting the flu totally sucks. Those brussels sprouts look delicious.

  20. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving with being sick. Love those leftovers for sure. Usually make a big batch of soup or bobbie sammies.


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