Tuesday, November 8, 2011

quick dinners and dumb ankles

Quick weeknight dinners are even more essential now that it’s darker and colder, and I have an overpowering desire to take a nap as soon as I get home from work. I’ve been living on soup for the past few weeks, but that does start to get old after a while. Especially since I end up eating the same soup for a week straight.

A new favorite…whole wheat tortillas with goat cheese, spinach, sundried tomatoes, and caramelized onions.


Another quick dinner idea: sautéed, spiralized zucchini with onions, garlic, a shake of parmesan cheese, and lots of black pepper. and organic polenta.


And…sad day for bad gymnastics ankle and running. I’ve had bad ankles since my days as a flippy mcflipperson and an injury that included simultaneous ankle sprains. I heard a pop during my windy run on Sunday that does not bode well for running this week [which is frustrating]. Looks like a whole lotta yoga (and icing) is on tap…


In other news, I have decided that it would be super fantastic to learn Copland’s Clarinet Concerto this year [not so sure my neighbors agree]. I worked a little on this piece my senior year of college…and it’s funny how listening to it brings back a ton of memories, kind of reminiscent of how certain smells immediately remind me of particular places and people.


Amazing dinner of epicness planned for Friday night…and it will not involve soup.


btdubs :: fave quick weeknight meal?


  1. Oh ugh, sorry to hear about your ankle Emily. No fun.
    Your wrap sounds amazing goat cheese, carmelized onion, sundried tomato and spinach?? I'm drooling over here! I seriously love goat cheese, but Nick won't eat it (he won't eat soup either). I hate it how Nick's tastes depict what I keep in the house. That's just how it works sometimes I guess.
    Good luck with Copeland's Concerto!! Can you tape it and post it on the blog ?? I'd love to hear it!

  2. I can only wish I once was a flippy mcflipperson, as I failed out of gymnastics when I was little...too scared to climb on the bar.

    My personal favorite go-to easy meals are quesadillas...you can throw in tons of veggies and black beans, and they take no time at all to cook!

  3. =/ Boo, bad ankle.

    Feel better soon, but enjoy the physical downtime! (Maybe with more clarinet...)

  4. I don't think I could EVER get sick of soup.. but maybe eating the same soup each night would bug me!

    I'm so sorry about your ankle.. I was a flippy mcflipperson back in the day as well.. I totally understand!

    I know exactly what you mean about smells/memories! Too cool :)

    I hope you have a GREAT epic non-soup dinner on Friday haha!

  5. your quesadilla sounds awesome!

    my go-to meal is usually sweet potato hash topped with a fried egg! i make it at least once a week :)

  6. love the rendition on the schmancy quesadilla. love how you are enjoying hobbies such as playing music! :) i am off to a retreat for my church this weekend. hope the dinner recipes are delish!

  7. Your quesadilla sounds great!

    Sorry about the ankle! Give it the rest it needs to get better! :) I have a bad foot/ankle, had surgery many years ago, and re-injured it many times over the years. I'm just getting over another injury. Not being to work out the way you want is very frustrating...

    "Interesting" quesadillas are on of our favorite quick dinners. I also love making soups on the weekends, which we eat during the week.

  8. trust me, I understand all too well- I'm at home right now when I've signed-up for a half marathon today with a broken (I think- will find out tomorrow) toe! ugh - injuries are not fun!

  9. Hearing a pop is never a good thing, is it.... Poor you, I hope you are back flipping in no time ;0 - absolutely love the idea of quick meals - caramelized onions mmmm... - keep them coming!

  10. I hope your ankle feels better soon. These injuries are especially tough, but I am sure you will be back on your feet in no time. {hugs}

  11. I find my go-to quick meal is any kind of pasta toss. You can put anything on pasta! Leftover meat, cheeses, veggies- all in one pot and on the table in no time!

    Love the quesadilla idea!


  12. ooo sorry bout the ankles! Ive been there- ouchy. Rest Ice Compression Elevation :-) that quesadilla looks delightful! great combo

  13. All of the food looks sooo good! I think that you should send me a cookbook full of recipes! ;)


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