Tuesday, November 1, 2011

corn maze, soup, and an apartment tour…

My latest fall adventure involved a trek through a corn maze with some friends; I now fully understand why people get lost in these things. In fact, I think it’d be absolutely terrifying to wander through at night.


Unfortunately, it had been a very rainy morning, so the maze was pretty muddy. One of the kids in front of us completely wiped out. I bet that was one unhappy trip home. I hope his parents bought him a donut.


The corn maze was conveniently housed on a farm, so I bought a butternut squash to make one of my fave cold weather soups (also a delicious way to use up some of the apples left over from last weekend). Topped with a smattering of local cheese, this soup is  packed with lots of vitamin A and C. Winter squash also contains fiber, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, and B vitamins, perfect for helping the immune system as flu season sets in.


And now a little apartment tour…if you’re totally not interested, I won’t be offended; you can skip right down the post. :) Most everything is vintage, thrifted, repurposed, or handmade.


These lovely [slightly crooked, I know!] frames are courtesy of Happy Go Vintage, the ex-apartmentmate’s Etsy store.  She has lots of awesome vintage finds if you’re interested in unique housewares.


Sadly, the fireplace is out of commission, but it’s a great spot for my collection of random candles. 


I converted an old trunk my parents had into a coffee table and home for artsy poetry magazines. I made the magazine coasters a few years ago…oh, the magic of modge podge.


I have two huge windows in my kitchen, which allows for a wealth of natural light. I appreciate this.


And yes, that is an art piece made out of paper towel and toilet paper tubes.   


Another busy week of fielding food allergy questions and TPN (IV nutrition) calculations. Hoping to blog about some test recipes I’m using for some kiddos with allergies soon.

So excited that it’s already Wednesday tomorrow…


btdubs :: what things are you grateful for this week?


  1. I love your decorating style Emily. It's so YOU, and so unique. Your apartment is really coming together and I'm super impressed.
    I can't wait to see the allergy recipes. I am always looking for some good allergy-friendly recipe ideas to give to clients/customers.
    P.S I laughed out loud when you wrote "I hope his parents bought him a donut". HA!

  2. wow i love how you designed your place. i wish i were in the home decor design like you :). i have yet to go to a corn maze in NJ... missin michigan when i see your pictures.

  3. You must have had a lot of fun going through that corn maze. And the apartment is a neat and tidy arrangement of cozy interiors. I so love the fireplace. Sad it's out of commission.

  4. This is such an inspiration to get my place cleaned up and decorated a little better. My favorite is that first lush sofa. Beautiful!

  5. Hi Emily! You can get dry moss at any craft store and live moss from any garden store. It's best to layer the live moss over the dry. Hope this helps!

    Also, I LOVE butternut squash soup. So delicious.

  6. I can't imagine going through a corn maze at night.. I would be SO afraid! It looks like you had fun with your friends... love the picture!

    The apartment is so cute :)

  7. I LOVE the vintage look of your apartment. I so wish that I was better at thrifting!

  8. What a beautiful apartment you have!! I am way jealous of all that sunlight in the kitchen!

  9. What a cute apartment! I love old and out of commission fire places. They're perfect for what you're doing (candles). One Christmas (in my apartment that had one) I put greens and white twinkly lights in it. Looked awesome with the lights out!


  10. That fireplace is extraordinary and the size of the corn stock is something else! Lovely soup. I can't get enough delicious warming liquids these days... very fun post Emily!

  11. I love going to the corn maize -- they are so much fun to find your way through!

  12. Your apartment is so cute!! Just the right amount of clean, simple design and vintage flair. Love that chevron duvet!

  13. Adorable! love the style and vibe. I'm grateful for my body - its hard to walk after my race but I know I will be able to walk easily again and not everyone in this world is able to do that so... there ya go!

  14. love how you decorated your place! very comfy and unique! :)


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