Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So obviously I haven’t been any better about blogging lately. This has certainly been a year of transition, and I think I’m still trying to find consistency in the midst of everything. When you change cities, jobs, and apartments as much as I have recently, it’s difficult not to feel like you’re just on one long road trip.
Balance has always been really important to me, lest life become a spin cycle of workrunsleep[repeat]…and returning to some sense of this is something I’m working on, whether it is doing more of the things I love or escaping the science of the everyday with some creativity.
Or drinking lots of kale smoothies (frozen banana slices, kale, almond milk, Michigan apple!, touch of cinnamon) to taper the effect of eating ice cream for dinner.
And although it now seems we’re experiencing the remnants of a pretty awesome (read warm) summer, the previous week straight of rain induced a lot of soup making.
{the easiest vegetable soup ever}.
Step 1 : Make a simple roux: melt 1 T butter, sauté 1/4-1/2 cup of onions until translucent. Add 1 T flour.
Step 2: Add 1/2-1 cup of milk (almond milk for me) and 2 cups vegetable stock. Heat until boiling, stirring until slightly thickened. Add lots of vegetables, black pepper, and you’re done.
Step 3: Make homemade crackers (why are crackers so good in soup?!). I used whole wheat flour and almond milk instead of cream. But I’m sure they’re incredibly delicious without recipe alteration.
And speaking of balance…I laughed when I read this article in the NY Times. Super doses of vitamins apparently don’t prevent diseases. What.a.surprise. While I didn’t read the specifics of each study, I usually find that most vitamin superusers do so to compensate for other unhealthful habits, as in: hey, I’m going to down this bottle of vitamin C to counteract my daily McDonald’s habit. Bottom line: strive for health, not quick fixes.
Adios, friends. Time for another fun filled day of food allergies and the wonderful world of all things gastrointestinal.
btdubs: out of curiosity, do you take any vitamins/supplements? (i'm a vitamin c fan and i like amazing grass).


  1. I hope life slows down for you soon! I know that spinning feeling.. it can be rough! All of your eats/recipes are always amazing-as per usual!

  2. love the soups! i've been on a soup kick myself :). i didn't know u were working with food allergies and GI stuff. that's totally my kind of thing. if you find out anything earth shattering for stomach sensitivities, let me know.

  3. I wish I enjoyed kale in smoothies, but I just don't. I try, but there is something about the texture...maybe I need to blend it better?

    Great recipe here for veggie soup. I love it, and it DOES sound easy (and look great). I haven't gotten into soup yet this season, maybe because it's been 80 degrees???

    I've been loving the articles on the non-benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements this week. HA! Food rocks.

  4. I agree with Gina, kale is great as stir fries, but can't do it in smoothies.
    the soup is really easy to make and looks so comforting too.
    hope you get settled down soon! :)

  5. I totally agree! People seem to think that no matter what they eat, if they take vitamens they are all good! As a runner, I know that some supplements are helpful, but eating right and stay healthy is really what is most important.

  6. "Strive for health, not quick fixes." This belongs on a tshirt or something...seriously! Everyone wants a quick fix rather than to work on something. A pill over a lifestyle change. Drives me crazy.

    Soup looks delicious as the temperatures begin to drop!

  7. I agree with you on striving for healthy habits as opposed to quick fixes!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You mentioned you had a twin sister too...that's so awesome :)

  8. Kale is wonderful. I particularly like it steamed or in a smoothie as you have prepared. Your soup is inspiring - I love delicious, healthy and hassle free; my kind of eats!

  9. you do great to still eat so healthy no supplements for me just food

  10. All I've changed recently has been a job and that was definitely more than enough to change my lifestyle! I love kale!


  11. hahaha. I love the comments because I can tell who are the RD's .... I agree that I'm loving the week of vitamin articles across the country- like the vitamin E inducing prostate cancer I got from my bf...

    Ah anyway. I'm jealous of your job. There I said it. I'd love to be in pediatrics but I think I'm so happy with the direction I am now heading and I look forward to researching more on neonatal prenatal eating behavior determinants.

    How do you like your job?
    It seems as though a mellowness is coming across your blog- are you enjoying michigan? your soup looks like it kicks butt! i might have to make me some, and homemade crackers too- wowza- good call.

    im adding you to my broll because apparently your link is not on there.

  12. Hey Emily! (It's weird spelling my name "wrong"!)

    As someone who's moved many, many times in my short time on the planet I think you've got it right to get yourself a routine. That's what brings order to my crazy schedule.

    I'm addicted to smoothies and soup right now too! I just downed my "treat" smoothie that I have on the weekends: chocolate, peanut butter and banana!

    I'm a fan of a multi vitamin with cranberry (I'm prone to urinary tract infections). I also throw freshly ground flax seeds into a lot of my food because I find it hard to eat salmon more than a few times a month.


  13. I take vitamin B, since I hardly eat any animal products and a calcium-vitamin D blend, since my D tested low recently.

    But I have to admit, I kind of wing it and sometimes wonder if I have the knowledge to be making healthy decisions that way...

  14. hope you find your balance again soon - all those major changes can be tough!


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