Thursday, September 29, 2011

fall in full force

How’s that for alliteration?!

Fall [weekend] mornings = big sweaters, opaque tights, and homemade pumpkin spice lattes.


And the farmers’ market…do you have certain things that make you feel at home no matter where you may be? This is definitely one of them for me. Buying eggs and fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers makes me incredibly happy.


Making curtains was also on my hipster hit list. I got these fantastic curtains from the ex-apartment mate, took out 60 billion weird pleats, and worked a little sewing machine magic.


Finished product. Oh, yes. That is a record player, and it is amazing. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. Or maybe I just enjoy things that were more thoughtfully made and built to last vs everything fashioned from cheap particle board.


And here is an interesting recipe for you. Meat-less muffins with a lot of flavor, but you have to be ok with a bean-y texture. I’m always looking for quick weeknight recipes, and I’ve made this one twice.


Excited for the weekend, which will (among other things) include sleeping in and making delicious something(s) from my farmers’ market produce…



  1. ahhhh i wish i knew how to sew! lovely curtains! i love weekends - time for me to relax and just enjoy the lighter side of life, like reading, bloggin, being in the kitchen, working out! hugs*

  2. Glad you're feeling right at home, and loving the fall! I am too, it's my favorite season, and if it rains the whole time :)
    These meatless muffins sound like a recipe I need to make at work, as I have been getting many requests for vegetarian meals lately.
    Love the curtains! You're so crafty.

  3. I have the same weekend plans that you do :)

    Your home looks great and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  4. 1. Love the curtains! Getting a sewing machine and learning how to use it are high on my to-do list.
    2. Absolutely feel the same way about the farmers' market...I think it's something about the people there...
    3. I totally have some of the same dishes as you. =)

    Glad you're settling in!

  5. the meatless muffins look perfect - mama pea can do no wrong!

  6. yay! the curtains found a happy home on your windows! they look great!!! hopefully i'll get to see them in person soon-ish! miss you!

    -the ex-apartment-mate ;)

  7. i love the curtains! so cute. and yay for sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, have a fabulous day!!

  8. Love pumpkin lattes! And kudos for making your own curtains!

  9. I love your curtains - super cute! My coffee always make me feel at home =]

  10. Just loved this post and especially the opening line: "big sweaters, opaque tights, and homemade pumpkin spice lattes" fantastic! I'm all about warming beverages this time of year and your farmers' market salad looks pretty wonderful too. Gotta get back into sewing! :)

  11. Glad you are getting settled in and enjoying fall. Hope the new job is going well. I love record players too.


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