Monday, June 6, 2011

nutritional yeast and B12

Good thoughts on the USDA’s rollout of My Plate. Andrea made a really good point; the plate does NOT encourage non-processed food over processed food, but because the food industry is so huge, I have to say I’m not surprised.
I went to the Jolly Pumpkin, an Ann Arbor craft brewery with some friends this weekend. Definitely a fun place; they have a rooftop deck that is perfect for summer nights. And they use ingredients from sustainable farmers, organic growers and artisan producers, which is pretty fantastic.
[photo via b.rostad]
Sunday is always a big food prep day because I have pretty much zero energy to pack lunches or cook during the week. I experimented with this recipe for tahini curried carrot salad.
I’m not crazy about sweet vegetables, so I had to do a little improvising. I left out the raisins and added some spiralized cukes (this is the spiralizer I have). I think next time I’d leave out some of the maple syrup, too.
The recipe also calls for nutritional yeast, which is big in the vegan world because it contains vitamin B12.
Vitamin B12:
  • required for proper red blood cell formation, neurological function, and DNA synthesis; plays a role in fat and protein metabolism
  • bound to protein in animal products and is released by the activity of hydrochloric acid and gastric protease in the stomach; however synthetic vitamin B12 (aka that in nutritional yeast) is already in free form and doesn’t require separation
  • the body needs very little B12 on a daily basis; B12 is stored in the liver, so unless you have been a vegan for a long time without supplementation or have digestive issues or kidney disease, you don’t likely have a deficiency.
b12 .
  • amounts listed on a nutrition label are based on 6 µg/day; the nutritional yeast I have contains 40% of the daily value for B12 or 2.4 µg per tablespoon.
  • it is beneficial to get B12 from a variety of fortified sources because absorption can vary.
Do you eat animal products? If not, where do you get your B12?


  1. I love nutritional yeast, and I love sampling beers...haha! So, I think it sounds like you had a very nice weekend :)
    I get my B12 from meat and from a B12 supplement I take every other day. I'm still convinced I have absorption issues, and since B12 is one of those B vitamins that doesn't have an upper limit, I figure a supplement won't hurt!
    Have a great week Emily.

  2. The Jolly Pumpkin totally sounds like a place I would love! I still have tried nooch, but I'm sure I'll get my hands on some soon.

  3. I am a vegetarian but I do eat eggs and yogurt so I get my b-12 from those food products!

  4. ahhh i don't get my b12 consistently, though i am vegan. i try to drink the multigreen kombuchas every other week to get my B12 fix though :).

    jolly pumpkin opened the year that i left, so i never had a chance to visit it. i heard that they have a lot of great veg foods!

  5. I have some nutritional yeast and have yet to actually use it! The tahini curried carrot salad looks pretty delicious, though, so maybe that's a perfect opportunity :)

  6. The brewery sounds awesome! And since I'm a vegetarian, I take a B12 supplement plus use nutritional yeast sometimes. I love the flavor of it!

  7. Funny that you should mention B12 today of all days--I just read the chapter in my metabolism textbook all about intrinsic factor...

  8. We are alike: Sunday was my big food prep day where I would cook and pack lunch/dinner for the week! I'm switching to daily 'cooking' now since in Brussels I only have a hotplate and one shelf in a mini-fridge. The beer place looks fun Emily!

  9. How do you spiralize cucumbers?!

  10. Emily, I'm so glad I came across your blog - love the inclusion of B12 information and the use of nutritional yeast - one of my favourite popcorn toppings by the way... (I add a bit of sweet chili and cumin to the yeast and sprinkle over top). The tahini curried carrot sounds wonderful...I look forward to trying it. Thanks!

  11. great post on B12 and Ann arbor sounds cool

  12. I love adding nutritional yeast to cashew cream sauces.
    Microbreweries are always so much fun! I'm going to a local brewery festival in St. Louis this weekend.

  13. I do eat meat and it's a good thing at that I guess because I think I would have been lost in terms of how to get it otherwise before reading this. Luckily now I know some other sources so I can safely become a vegetarian if I so choose :)

  14. I don´t eat any animal products, so I sometimes struggle a bit with my B12 consumption:) I like nutritional yeast flakes, but since my B12 levels are really low, I need to take a vegan supplement with B12 which is a convenient way to get my nutrients in my body:)

  15. The craft brewery sounds like lots of fun! I'm really starting to enjoy craft beers! :)

    I have yet to try nutritional yeast. Last time I wanted to buy some, I could only find a HUGE container of it, and I didn't want to invest that much since I didn't know if I would like it (but from what I have read, I'm pretty sure I would).

  16. so you have a spiralizer ? where do I find one of those?!

    i like meat products. I do and did quite a bit of extensive research on B12 and truly feel that there are plenty of cases of absorption issues rather than "deficiency"... B12 has so much involvement with IF, stomach acid, proteins etc.!


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