Wednesday, May 4, 2011

survival skills

So this week is seriously punching me in the face….enter my best skills for survival. [btdubs, I feel like I do a post like this at least once a month. But hey, probably a sign I need constant reminders of these things, right?!].

Green smoothies. The trick is using super ripe bananas. And a shake of cinnamon…don’t let the green scare you.


Good Food. Channa masala is super easy to make and actually tastes better as leftovers, which is a bonus.


Tea. Lots of it. Conveniently brewed in my coffeemaker. I should probably invest in a tea kettle, yes?


Schedules, nice pens, paper chain countdowns, moleskin journals. And my iphone, which I’m kind of in love with right now.


Running.Even a 3 mile loop after work does wonders for my energy levels and motivation. Somehow I always feel like I can conquer the world…after a run.


Sleep. I’m bad at this one, but I’ve fallen asleep before 10 pm every night so far this week. By that I mean laying in bed with ipod on and eyes shut. That counts, right?


What are your best survival skills? Please share so I can selfishly add them to my list. ;)



  1. Sweet Skills! I always pre-cook my oatmeal at the start of the week, so I can just reheat every morning!

  2. Brewing your tea in a coffee maker is a great idea! I do just love having a tea kettle on my stove though, there's something very fun about it, ha. I'm bad at getting enough sleep lately myself, but when I do get enough sleep, I notice a HUGE difference in my energy level and overall demeanor.

  3. i end up cooking the most when im stressed!! this week has been no fun for me either---i was stuck in jury duty the past few days but thankfully am free now. last night i made the quinoa-zucchini lasagna you had up a few posts ago & it was amazing!! can't wait for leftovers tonight :)

    hope your week gets better!

  4. Your green smoothie looks perfect. I like the idea of adding cinnamon!
    So yes, sleep is HUGE for me. I keep telling all of my clients that they will never reach their goals without getting appropriate sleep. It's really THAT important.

    Lately I've noticed that even on my days off I don't really relax because I have so much to do. The past few days I've had off I have made sure to take at least 20 minutes to sit and relax, either inside or outside (if it's not raining!). This really helps. I've been reading so many great books!

  5. Healthy diet, running, and plenty of sleep! Add some nut butter for good measure ;)

  6. I'd add to meet withnyour favorite people, that will givenu a mental boost! :) hope u feel better soon.

  7. Running, but also sometimes NOT running. LOTS of water. A good book. Emails with friends. A cat to snuggle with. Chocolate and peanut butter.

  8. I've never made Channla Masala... but your photo is definitely tempting me! :)

    As for a few of my favorite survival skills:

    -Sleep 8 hours! Makes my days so much more productive.
    -Get as many things ready as you can the night before.
    -Run, even if just 10-15 minutes... up a hill!
    -Carry the essentials in my purse: lip balm, gum, ibuprofin, stain remover, lotion, healthy snack.
    -Manage my budget with
    -Use the iPhone Nutrition Adv. app, it analyzes nutrient/calorie intake & tells me what vitamins/minerals I am not meeting the RDI... then supplement with those vitamins! :)
    -Always have a water bottle or glass of water by my side!

  9. I second having a cat to snuggle with!

    But I also have trouble sleeping, so I have to start winding down at least an hour before bed, no matter how busy I am. That usually means stretching, reading, and maybe some crochet.

  10. what is in your green smoothie? it looks delicious....

  11. Great survival skills. Mine are very similar to yours. The key for me is to stay organized and plan (workouts, meals, etc).

  12. running. and even just walking. fresh air = key.

    this week has been kicking lots of people's butts. can't wait for friday!

  13. I feel the EXACT same way about this week. Love your lists and schedules...that is definitely helping me stay sane. Good luck with whatever you have on your plate!

  14. massages! i'm getting one today. the week has been crazy!

  15. This week has been punching me in the face too.. haha. I am afraid of the green in green smoothies buuut I LOVE chana masala mmmm :)
    My survival skill? Prayer and COFFEE!

  16. mmm whats your chana masala recipe??

  17. survival skills for me is veggie juices! i love green smoothies too. you are right - bananas are key!! and i love nut butters too heehee.

    and post it notes. they keep my life sane. :)

    ps - so glad u found a church! i hope you are falling in love with ann arbor every day... just as i did!! :)

  18. i would add that FROZEN bananas are key...also my survival skill is my dog which radiated so much heat that im warm in any situation

  19. I loooove chana masala! That recipe looks a little less time-consuming that the one I've been using. I'm all about that.

    As for survival skills, I think you've got all of mine...and then some.

  20. I love Chana Masala. I think schedules and lists are up there for my survival skills. I just sent you an email, so you can see one of my other tips in there, something I picked up on only recently. It's literally a survival skill!

  21. I need to get some more sleep! My bedtime is getting later and later, but I'm an early bird- I'm up early no matter what!

  22. mmm can we add chocolate to that list? my thesis survival strategy has consisted of the ritter sport dark chocolate with hazelnuts that is sitting in my freezer :)

  23. you nailed it! but i'd add ice cream to the list!

  24. That definitely counts! I need a whole week of bed by 10 p.m.! Tea is also on my list as is a stack of good books. And I seriously think all Indian food is better as leftovers! :)


  25. My survival skills are pretty much the same. :) Enough sleep is so critical to me! And good (low-ish sugar) food, too! And of course, running!


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