Thursday, April 14, 2011

you know you’re in hipsterville when…

There are more coffee shops than car dealerships.


You share the road with a cyclist 95% of the time.


There are restaurants like the Owlery (nod to Harry Potter), an all vegetarian eatery filled with kitschy owl decor.


Your sister and friends aren’t at all intimidated by eating a completely vegetarian meal. And they actually enjoy it.


Your waiter thinks veggie sandwiches are awesome (almost as awesome as his man-pris).


Drinking bacteria is perfectly normal.


I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend again…this week has been pretty crazy so far. I visited my sister in Bloomington, IN last weekend, and it was fantastic. I enjoyed hanging out with all of the artsy writers, dancing to bad music, running outside, and sitting in the park after sunset eating ice cream with the twin while chatting about life (obviously we are ridiculous…see photo below for reference). I may have eaten ice cream twice in one day. But it was 80 degrees, so cut me some slack.

photo (1) 

Back home this weekend to hear On a Wire, a piece by Jennifer Higdon co-commissioned by the West Michigan Symphony. I played a couple of her pieces for wind symphony at Ohio State, and she writes pretty amazing stuff. I also love her philosophy about music…that it is best when shared with others.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Bah Man-pris are most definitely a sign of hipster-vill!

  2. oh no I think I'm a hipster...

  3. hahah. i think i'm in hipsterville too!

  4. Haha! No wonder my friend wanted to move to Ann Arbor... she is a hipster :)

  5. Oh my gosh I love this! Sounds amazing! Especially the man-pris hahaha

  6. Ice cream, twice in one day?! I love it!
    I'm glad you had a nice trip to Hipsterville!

  7. i love drinking bacteria too :) hehehe. kombuchas are my favorite. and i used to study at sweetwaters all the time in ann arbor! they have three different locales! they don't have as many coffee shops here on the east coast... only starbucks and barnes and noble! :T

  8. I love places like hipsterville hahaha
    This is such an on spot post about places like that!
    Sounds like you had a really nice time :)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Haha! I love that there's a restaurant called The Owlery :) And that seriously looks like the perfect weekend. Hippsterville is fun!


  10. That is a super cute little town. I bet I would love it there.

  11. haha i think it's perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream 3 TIMES a day! what a fun trip! and a complimentary veg meal? yes please! enjoy the rest of the weekend girl!

  12. HOW AWESOME!! that town looks soo adorable girl!

  13. what a fun weekend! hipsterville sounds great

  14. ohhh hipsters! love it :) i hope you had a good weekend!

  15. Ha, Bloomington looks awesome. I want to go visit this summer. Are you game for coming down for another visit?

  16. That place looks awesome! :D Haha, I love the Owl part! :)

  17. ah Emily, it's been a while! Love love love coffee shops, and wouldn't complain if a couple more popped up in Boston overnight. I like the second picture of the bike. Sounds like you've been cooking and baking a lot recently; inspired by the new recipes. First day of NICU was good. A lot of new protocols and different way of thinking..everything is so small! I have a summer internship and one more semester of classes for the MS, so I won't be job hunting until fall. Will keep you posted : )

  18. haha i coerced my bf into drinking a kombucha this week- he has been really sick and he actually liked it! he feels better today- i swear- that stuff is so awesome.

    i wish more places loved veggie sandwiches!

  19. Can I come and live in hipsterville too? :)


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