Monday, April 4, 2011

why april is better than march [so far]…

1) 45 degree weather and new running shoes (long overdue). My ?? pair of Brooks Adrenalines. Love them.


2) Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market. I rode the bikeski to the market this weekend for organic fair trade coffee from Roos Roast. Sorry for the candids, Ann Arborite strangers.


3) Sleeping at Last’s April EP (they release 3 songs per month as a part of their Yearbook project). Especially fantastic and timely songs this month. Love falling asleep to their thoughtful lyrics on repeat.


4) New recipes. This Moroccan quinoa and pistachio salad brings a whole new meaning to pesto. My good friend Dave (with his ever expanding culinary skills) made this for me a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty amazing. The recipe calls for orange juice, but I blended an entire orange (minus the peel) in my food processor instead. Quinoa is also one of my fave vegetarian sources of protein.


I recently read this article in the NY Times about quinoa [keen-wah]. As ethical eating is a continual process for me, I realized that I know absolutely nothing about where the quinoa I buy is grown.


According to the article, Bolivia is one of the chief producers of this complete protein-containing pseudo-grain, and it’s ironic that as the demand for quinoa increases, few fewer Bolivians can now afford it, hastening their embrace of cheaper, processed foods and raising fears of malnutrition in a country that has long struggled with it.

It’s also fair to note that some of the decrease in buying quinoa there may be due to food preferences vs. economics. Processed food is attractive for many, just as it is in the US.

So what, then is our response to this problem? Buying quinoa from Bolivia certainly aids their economy, and the government is trying to beef up domestic aid, but it still remains to be seen just how much of an impact this will have on malnutrition. I wish the article had talked more about the kind of wages Bolivians make in return for growing the crop.

Hope April has started out well for all of you, too. :)



  1. April seems to be great so far for me too! I can't wait for the spring weather and more fresh produce in farmers market!
    Interesting article, didn't know about where quinoa is produced either,

    45 degree weather?? eeeek
    thank you so much for your sweet comment beautiful!

  3. That quinoa salad looks delicious! But that's definitely some food for thought, too. And as sad as it is that we're so excited about 45 degree weather, it's so true!!


  4. Ann Arbor looks like it is agreeing with you and your healthy lifestyle (minus the less than favorable temp)!

    You are such a wonderful example of reading thlabel thoroughly to see where food was grown in addition to its nutritional benefits!

  5. when i lived in miami i worked with some people who were from ecuador, and they said they couldn't believe how expensive quinoa is here -- they said it's super cheap at home, even with the change in currency!

  6. That's a really interesting article! Thanks for the link.

    It doesn't even get to 45 degrees here during the winter- you are so brave for putting up with the cold! I hope you are loving Ann Arbor :) My friend is thinking about moving there. It looks beautiful!

  7. ahhh i love roos roast! so glad u finally got to go to kerrytown. starting june, the farmer's market is soo amazing, i love it. :)

    and i'm always looking for new quinoa recipes, this one looks so savory!!!

  8. the weekend was in the 50s! woooooooooooooot april! that can stick around as long as it would like :)

  9. I love that you've found cool "you" things in your new locale. You will have fun and enjoy yourself no matter where life takes you, I am sure!

    ...And also, now I feel bad about buying quinoa...

  10. I read that article. It definitely got me sad.

    I just bought a new pair of running shoes too!! They were about 6 months overdue.

    Regarding your question on my post, the recipe for my vanilla low fat ice cream is on the right side of my blog, under desserts. I just added some unsweetened cocoa powder and chunks of dark chocolate once the vanilla base was finished being churned!

  11. let us know how the brooks are to run in!! :)


  12. That's a good deal on Quinoa, I have to say...

  13. What an interesting article- I never really thought about how that would make food more expensive for locals instead of just bolstering their economy.

  14. Gosh, that's a really interesting question and topic. thank you for that information :) will read up more on it

  15. april is SO much better than march! i'm really excited for farmers markets in the summer <3 especially because HUGE eggplants only cost a buck! haha

  16. i'm with you. April wins!! :)


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