Monday, April 18, 2011


So the symphony and Eighth Blackbird were amazing. I loved Jennifer Higdon’s modern piece using bowed piano, meaning the musicians actually used violin strings to play the strings of the piano. Pretty cool stuff and definitely outside the normal realm of classical music.

 photo (2)

Our theatre is gorgeous and not used nearly enough. My fave seat is in the back balcony because the acoustics are almost perfect up there. Nerdy, but music makes me incredibly happy.

photo (3)

When I lived in St. Louis, zucchini was my fave purchase at the farmers’ market every weekend. So versatile (I actually like it raw sometimes) and useful in all sorts of recipes.


I was flipping through my folder of bookmarks marked “recipes to try” and decided that zucchini quinoa lasagna would be an exciting culinary adventure.


It was super easy to make…and now my freezer is stuffed full with leftovers (I did use daiya vegan cheese but omitted the tofutti sour cream).  

I ran 6.5 miles yesterday in the sun and thought that winter was finally over (my new Brooks are awesome btdubs, like running on marshmallows)…


Until I woke up to this. Uggh. Seriously? I mean, I guess I should have expected it because I do live in Michigan (it has snowed here in May before) but still disappointing.


Umm, so I definitely did not bring anything snow-related back with me, like a winter coat or boots. This could be interesting…

Happy Monday?


*good luck to all running Boston today!


  1. what a lovely dish you've made with zucchini!!! I love love love veggie-style lasagna! ;)
    I'd love to run with you one day! 6.5 miles sounds a perfect distance for a weekend day!
    have a great monday Emily!

  2. So glad I don't live in MI right now! haha

    I need to cook more with zucchini, I typically really enjoy it!

  3. I LOVE quinoa zuc lasagna. So delicious!!!

  4. That lasagna looks wonderful! I can't believe you got snow?! craziness. It's getting pretty hot here again and I'm not looking forward to the real summer heat.

  5. UGH hate snow in the spring! Hopefully it warms up soon :)
    Your theater IS beautiful!!

  6. from a music teacher, I'm glad to see you are a lover of good sound!

  7. Definitely not a fan of this snow either.

    i hope it warms up again soon!

    and i'd love to do a meet up! Let me know when you're free! do you know of any other southeast michigan bloggers?

  8. My sister also lives in MI and she was complaining about the snow! It was 65 here today! :) Glad you liked Eighth Blackbird--I've never heard them live, but I've heard good things about them! And can you post the lasagna recipe? Looks so good!

  9. i love eating zucchini raw... i used to buy them from kerrytown farmer's market and slice up my zucchinis and snack on them! :)

    haha yes, i heard about the snow in michigan. it always snows in april there without fail.

    ahhh i used to love going to concerts on campus! is that mendelssohn or michigan theatre? they all look so similar!

  10. I've made that lasagna before and loved it! I was just on a few Michiganer's (is that what they're called? Haha!) blogs and I saw pictures of snow- that's awful!

  11. That symphony really does sound awesome... so unique! And I've seen a couple people make the quinoa lasagna and it looks SO good!!

  12. holy cow. Snow?! That's crazy. But, I can't say I'm TOO surprised. IT's been chilly and rainy here, but hopefully no snow....I'm crossing my fingers.

    Thanks for the quinoa zucchini lasagna recipe! Sounds delicious.
    Also, regarding your comment on my Sweet Potato post, I was talking more about the vitamin C that's lost in the water. I do know that beta carotene is better absorbed when the food is heated. Vitamin A overload in graduate school!!!

  13. I can't believe it's still snowing in parts of the country, that just doesn't seem right at this time of the year.

    Oh boy does that quinoa zucchini look good!

  14. I love Farmer's Markets!!! :D Haha, We are definitely NOT having snow here -- it is SO humid!

  15. Ugh, that stinks! I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed here in Boston either! That lasagna sounds fab, I love having lots of leftovers in my freezer :)


  16. this lasagna looks amazing!! went to local harvest a few weeks ago & had their vegan enchiladas--this kinda reminds me of it!


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