Monday, April 25, 2011

easter and such

Well, hello blog friends.

I have been super busy with work and finding time to sleep but had a fantastic weekend with the fam in West Michigan.

Brother with the infamous Easter banner…it is 60 billion times brighter than this photo shows, but I styled it vintage-y so you wouldn’t be blinded.


Parker House rolls [recipe here]. I used half whole wheat flour and mixed the dough on Saturday and refrigerated it overnight. On Sunday, I let the dough warm up and rise and then baked the rolls. Super easy.


I am not a fan of traditional Easter food in general. In fact, I thought spinach lasagna would be a pretty fantastic meal of choice. Unfortunately, I was outvoted, and everyone else ate ham.

Post lunch tag to work up an appetite for dessert. This was mostly a game for the little kids, but the big kids had fun, too. :)


Apple pie (and pecan pie) + ice cream = awesome and made up for the lack of lasagna.


Easter bunnies found in the backyard…since this photo was taken, one of them met his unfortunate end with a giant crow. It was sad…my dad referenced Lion King and called it “the circle of life.” So does that mean I can go smash the crow with a shovel? (joking, only joking…sort of).


Dog who wanted Easter pie but did not get any. Don’t feel bad for her; she got an Easter roll and some Easter ham.


If you celebrate Easter, what kind of food did you eat? Do you ever feel like eating non-traditional food for a holiday? I’m all about breaking the mold..



  1. I would have eaten the spinach lasagna with you! ha. I agree, not a big fan of the traditional Easter meal.

    Glad you had a good Easter with family! :)

  2. Glad you had a nice Easter!

    We ate a very non-traditional Easter meal: spaghetti & asparagus. But your spinach lasagna sounds better!!!

    Have a great week!

  3. Glad you had a nice Easter, Emily. This was my first Easter with Nick's family, and there was ZERO ham (but we had a very fatty egg casserole and French toast wasn't healthy either way!). Spinach lasagna sounds perfect. And homemade rolls? Yum!

    I hope your new job is going well.

  4. "So does that mean I can go smash the crow with a shovel? (joking, only joking…sort of)."---> hahaha that made me laugh SO hard!!! Glad you had an enjoyable Easter in West Michigan !

  5. When I was young we ate only traditional holiday foods but in the past 10 years or so, we've been mixing it up. For Easter this year we had crusted Tilapia with bean salad! We also have a tradition of eating crab legs on Christmas day :)

  6. I had Easter at a friend's, and she served us veggie hot dogs, baked beans, and coleslaw . . . I'm not sure how traditional this is. She was actually the only Christian at her Easter party. I'm glad we could help her celebrate since she couldn't go home for the holiday :) It was a lot of fun!

  7. Even when I ate meat, I hated ham! I didn't like Easter for that reason when I was a kid, haha. Hope the pie made up for it :)

  8. Spinach lasagna is delicious! I make a spicy one with beans that is amazing.

    I worked ALL Easter weekend, plus I'm not with my family, so any food traditions go out the window since I'm not making anything for myself.

    Silly question...most holiday meals involve meat (Turkey for Thanksgiving, ham for Christmas/ least in my family)...what do vegetarians eat?? The sides? We always have enough food that you could certainly skip the meat and be fine, but I just wonder...

  9. Ditto on the breaking the mold. I added a delicious brussels sprouts side to Christmas, and you would have thought I said there is no Santa! How dare I!!!

  10. happy easter! it's so nice that you get to go home so often! i hope the transition to living in ann arbor has been smooth. have you been able to find a church yet in ann arbor? btw, the farmer's market becomes AMAZING in late may, early june. the traverse city cherries (i'm sure u've prolly had them before from where you are from) are my favorite!!!

  11. Poor bunny :( We had a crawfish boil for Easter. So yeah, I'd say it was not very traditional. Although here in New Orleans, spring is the time of year for crawfish no matter what the occasion!

  12. I've only celebrated Easter the non-celebratory way...if you know what I mean. I just went to service! I've never had an Easter feast or even an egg hunt before. But I totally indulged in Easter candy! :D

  13. Happy Easter!
    We don't celebrate easter but I'd love to so I can cook for my loved ones! :)

  14. Cutest dog!! I love traditional holidays with little twists. I just love my parents' cooking so much, it's nice to meet at the same time every year for some favorites :) Poor bunny :(


  15. This was my first vegetarian Easter - and unlike Thanksgiving where there are tons of vegetarian side options, we were pretty lacking! I ended up re-heating some brown rice and eating dinner with the family! I think I'm going to lobby for spinach lasagna for Easter next year too!

  16. happy belated Easter Emily! So nice you got to spend it with your family :)

  17. I'm not to keen on easter food either; spinach lasagna sounds pretty dang bomb though if you ask me too! Mmm apple + pecan pie, both fresh and homemade!?! that might just make up for it in my mind:) hope you enjoyed your easter!

  18. I do celebrate Easter, but I don't currently have anyone to celebrate WITH, and since I was at home alone, I just ate my typical bachelorette food! Haha, think endless stirfrys, bowls of oat bran, carrots in know, total Easter food. ;)

  19. Oh no, I am so sad for the Easter bunny that was eaten.

    Your pies look absolutely lovely. Who baked those?

  20. What a great post! Loving your blog and so glad to be your newest follower! :)

  21. I found you at my friend mispensamiento and I'm following you from Trapani, Sicily. I like the picture of your brother. Pecan pie and ice cream!!! I wish we had pecans here in Sicily! I grew up in New York so I miss them a lot. For Easter we were at a friend's house and she made lasagna, and even a rice "lasagna" as her sister in law is allergic to gluten. Then we had a cake made with gluten free flours, it was actually really delicious, a kind of mimosa cake. Of course, lamb, pork, sausages and roast potatoes, and no Easter is Easter without our famous Colomba! Have a nice Sunday!


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