Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sustainability fused music

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know that music has been a big part of my life. Last weekend I went home to see an orchestra concert centered around the theme of sustainability. Super nerdy, but I actually like going to concerts alone; I don’t enjoy them if I’m constantly worried that the people I’m with are bored or want to leave.


[I used to spend HOURS in a practice room…in college and grad school, I played at least 2-4 hrs/day!].

While there were some absolutely fantastic musical moments, the corresponding media presentation left a lot to be desired. But still, it was refreshing and exciting to see that my hometown is beginning to explore the concept of sustainability.


Speaking of green-friendly things, lately, I’ve been all about the smoothies. I especially crave them after running…


kale + banana + almond milk


kale + blueberries + banana + almond milk

Can you tell I’m kind of obsessed with kale right now?! And I’m excited for more produce to be in season. This summer, I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick a crazy amount of blueberries.

Also, CSN sent me this lovely set of knives to review [while I received them for free, the following review is my own opinion)].


After picking them up at a Fedex holding center (which very much resembled a maximum security prison), I tested them on some celery.


Their sharpness didn’t blow me away, but then again maybe that’s a good thing…I’d like all my fingers to remain intact, thank you very much. And let’s be honest, the last knife set I owned was a Target special, so these are a huge improvement.

favorite smoothie ingredient?! ready, go…


p.s. did anyone see the article in the NY Times about food dyes and behavioral problems?! pretty interesting stuff…but I still think companies should be required to disclose GMOs just as they’re required to alert us to artificial food dyes.


  1. I'm in a smoothie/juicing kick lately myself! I put a peeled grapefruit in my smoothie the other day and I loved it :)

  2. the reason why i never got far with piano (even though i played for almost 10 years) was because I couldn't practice for more than like 40 minutes at a time haha! that's insane!

  3. i love how into music you are! music is always something i wish i was naturally better at. i definitely appreciate it but i wish i could *do* it

  4. I just bought some spinach today so I could start making GM's again! Love them!

  5. Favorite smoothie ingredient is for sure banana! They add such a delicious creaminess :)

  6. i love kale toooo! It looked so good on Sunday but I had to leave out of town monday-friday so i didn't want it to go to waste!

  7. the word "lately" before being in to smoothies is the wrong word to use! and...drum roll... my favorite smoothie ingredient is my hand made artisan small batch soy milk... and probably almond butter-all natural of course. What about bananas, I have a hard time liking smoothies as much with out them... but they have such a large foot print?

  8. POM juice, with kale and banana - it's so velvety!

  9. can whipped cream count as a fave smoothie ingredient? ;) jk...I love berries of any kind in my smoothies!

    and like you, I am SO ready for summer produce!

  10. Very interesting article! I also think GMO's should be labeled too. If you've ever worked with kids, especially those with disabilities but all kids, the difference in their behavior after lunch is amazing, particularly those that eat a lot of processed snacks at lunchtime (which most do).

  11. FedEx centers are totally like prisons! I had to pick up a package there once and it was a really bizarre experience.

  12. I'm glad you finally got those knives!! Protect your little fingers!
    This post made me feel like a smoothie. Alas - we are all out of frozen bananas and the ones I just purchased are still too green.... patience!

  13. mmm i bet you get your kale to blend so smooth into your smoothies because you chop it with your new epic knives ;)

  14. Ooh la la, those knives look lovely :) So does the green smoothie!


  15. Sounds like an interesting concert! I won't lie, I probably would be that friend sitting by you thinking I wanted to leave.... Not that I don't like music, I LOVE it, but I have ADD and I could only handle it for so long, you know?!

    I've actually been putting kale in Nick's smoothies and he has no clue. I switched from spinach to kale, muahaha. He did say, "my smoothies have been extra chunky lately", but that's it, he didn't push it!! :)

  16. We are kindred spirits :) I am absolutely obsessed with kale. Am I allowed to call kale my favorite food? I love making banana-berry smoothies and adding cocoa powder. Perfect way to get a healthy chocolate fix!


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