Saturday, March 19, 2011

[pseudo] spring break!

Currently taking a self-imposed spring break before work gets super crazy. Pretty much the best idea ever:

family ski trip: lots of laughing, some faceplanting (never try to push me as we get off the lift or bad things will happen to you), and gorgeous weather.


epic day of yeast-bread baking: yeast is a unicellular organism that ferments sugar into carbon dioxide gas, causing bread to rise. Making yeast bread can be a little tricky because the water temperature for dissolving has to be just right (100-110 F).


I helped Dave make this recipe for whole wheat bread with caraway and anise, which ends with semi-braiding the bread. It was hardcore (as in 10 minutes of kneading which I didn’t do) but turned out really well…it’s pretty amazing to make and eat your own bread.


The second best use of yeast is to make homemade pizza dough. I actually prefer homemade pizza over other pizza. And it’s incredibly easy (and cheap!) to make.


Super excited that spring starts this Sunday…it’s about time!

Do you have a fave recipe that incorporates yeast?



  1. I didn't even realize spring officially starts this Sunday, that's exciting!

    Your bread looks amazing! And I'm glad you got to spend some fun time with the family skiing! :)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Bread is definitely my number one use of yeast! Yours look fantastic!

  3. loveee making homemade pizza doughs!!!!

  4. The bread looks great! I've made a few pizza doughs with yeast, but to be honest, yeast intimidates me a bit, so I usually avoid it... I know it shouldn't...

    Glad you are having some fun!

  5. Yep, I agree, homemade pizza is the best. And in fact it's the only thing I have ever made with yeast. Is that sad??

    I haven't been skiing in YEARS and I can only imagine how bad I would be if I strapped on a pair of skis right now. So fun though, I know I'd love it!

  6. The ski trip sounds great! And I loove homemade pizza. Especially with lots of olives and veggies!

  7. Both look delish!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting the recipes.

    ENJOY your break! It will be a while b4 it feels like spring in Eastern WA. :P

  8. ahhh i really want to make my own bread with yeast! and maybe attempt to braid it too :). happy pseudo spring break :). i just started mine...!!! yay!

  9. I have a recipe for pretzels that use a little packet of yeast to make the dough rise... and I am DYYYYING to make them but super scared that I'll butcher it by not having a stand mixer (alton brown says I need one... boo!)

    long story short, I want to cook with yeast. but i'm chicken =)

    your bread and pizza look DIVINE!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Em, you are becoming quite the baker! That loaf of bread is beautiful! And I agree pizza dough is so easy, there's no need to get the pre-made ones at the store.

  11. Yes! Homemade pizza dough is the best! Although when the yeast doesn't work, I get upset.

  12. Looks like you had some nice time off. I have never been skiing, but I would love to try it. I hate the cold so I imagine it will not be the most pleasant experience, but I am still willing to try. I would rather water ski.

    My fave yeast containing recipe is beer (we brew at home)...but if that does not count, I love to make all kinds of breads, especially ones with whole grains.

  13. I like homemade pizza too!!! It just tastes better in my opinion.

    yay for skiing! I think I prefer boarding but just skiied this year for the first time in 15+ years. I was much better when I was 13.

    ah well. I wish I had my own gear and made it a habit!

  14. I've never made anything with yeast before- it intimidates me :)


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