Monday, December 6, 2010


Winter, I am so not ready for you. I was spoiled living in St. Louis last year…barely any snow at all. This week has been interesting exercise-wise, starting with a frosty 10 miler and ending with my first zumba experience, which was pretty fantastic. Not exactly like my floor routine days as a gymnast but great exercise to fun music.


My feelings on snow: as a Michigander, I’ve grown up shoveling it, driving in it, throwing it…so running in it is no big deal. Thanks to the jokester who offered me a ride, though [seriously?! I am hardcore unless a tornado is coming down the street].


Great responses to 12 days of giving! I’m really excited to feature some fantastic and very worthy causes during the holiday season, and I’m glad that so many of you are also committed to giving [also looking for a few more, so email me {} if you have ideas].

12 days of giving logo copy

Day 2: Seeds for a family…

Giving doesn’t always have to be local. I think it’s nice to think globally, especially since the US provides more government support than many other countries.


For $17, you could provide seeds for an entire family! I think it’s really fun to give gifts like clean water ($25), a share of a sewing machine ($25), or 5 fruit trees ($30) in a friend or family member’s name. World Vision International will send a card to your recipient which gives more detail about their gift. Check out their website for more great gift ideas!

My coping strategies of choice related to < 30 degree weather and snow:


…tea, reading, and pumpkin chocolate chip scones [thank you, mama pea].


p.s. congrats to Stonyfield giveaway winner Megan D! Please email me {} with your deets!


  1. Now I have quite the scone craving! I love the idea of donating like this - there's so much that just a little bit can do when used well.

  2. Wow, snow, I know lots of people getting snow already. I was spoiled too living in Vegas for so long, and we don't get snow in the Azores either.

  3. Ah I MISS St. Louis winters! They were the perfect seasonal temperature and snow only happened occasionally so it was always special and not annoying. This is not the case in Chicago. I think my face temporarily froze this morning.

  4. I believe that you go to school at Ohio State, right? If so, I'm very close to where you are. I'm used to the crazy Ohio weather as I've been here all my life. However, I hate snow!!! I take my runs inside for the winter unfortunately. Just like you, I also used to be a gymnast! Since graduating high school, I've been running, kickboxing, and experimenting with different training work outs. We must be very alike because I'm a health nut as well!! I'm new to blogging, but hopefully will be developing some skills very soon. :) I admire your posts.

  5. oh im sooo not ready for winter either!!! in italy it already feels like winter... but i think ive been spoiled growing up in california (since its actually not snowing here yet).. im so glad im going home soon! i really think im more of a warm/sunny weather kinda gal, no matter how pretty snow can be... haha

    and those pumpkin scones look GOOODD!!

  6. We had our first flurries in NYC today! It was pretty, but I'm not ready for the cold.

  7. so cool that we both choose world vision to give to wow your flexible

  8. i definitely wasn't ready for the chilly nyc temps today! and i'm from boston! yikes! xoxox

  9. Love snow...if I can just stay in and enjoy its beauty from the window. Definitely don't like to drive in it!

  10. How do you handle the snow-turned-mush-turned-ice, especially on uncleared sidewalks? That stuff is dangerous!

  11. I'm ready for snow, too! But then, I don't have a car or a commute and since I live in an apartment building, I don't have to shovel. So, it's just pretty to me :) Happy winter!


  12. Excited for this series! And all of the activities featured in the last photo make me happy.

  13. Yeah, I'm not loving the cold weather much either. I used to love the snow and cold weather, now I despise it. I just can't stay warm!! The good thing is that I don't get as dry as I did when I was younger.
    For my 12 days of giving, I went ahead and donated money to a Church fund, and also bought some glucose strips for a MD employee who couldn't afford them. It felt great helping him out :)

  14. Hey Emily!
    Great stomachs eat alike :) I just had THE SAME snack you did, and even took a picture. Plus, I read that book, and thought it was great! Although, I wonder if our scones would have the author's approval ;)

    Love your 12 days of giving!! LOVE IT!

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  15. I grew up in Michigan (and I personally prefer "Michiganian"), but since moving down "south" to Kansas, my tolerance for cold has gone way down! Sad.

  16. Pumpkin chocolate chip scones?? Yum!! And I'm with you on the snow. There's WAY too much in Minnesota, too. :)

  17. what a great cause! we have NO SNOW in the south!!! and those scones- send em my way!! :)


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