Tuesday, December 21, 2010

list for a tuesday…

Thanks for all the comments on the protein post. I do want to say that although I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, I don’t worry about protein. I eat lots of vegetables, and I love nut butter and quinoa.

1]. I’m not over eating pumpkin yet. I don’t care if it’s winter. I miss fall, and I will continue to eat pumpkin in protest [pumpkin pancake recipe here].


2]. I love artsy gift tags. These were pretty fun to make, but I should probably practice cutting out circles by the looks of those edges.


Want to print out your own? Click here for the PDF download…


3]. Did you see the NYT article on exercising before breakfast? I always eat before running or working out in the morning, and I think this article was very interesting. More on that to come…

4]. I don’t know who is behind the christmas is happening music project, but it’s pretty awesome. I hear that some of the songs will be available for download soon, so check it out for some musical inspiration.


5]. Day 6: Forgive.

12 days of giving logo copy

This one is definitely intangible but still powerful. Hurt we carry is often more damaging to us than the person who wronged us. So forgive someone else...or yourself, and welcome the freedom that comes with it.

Do you exercise before breakfast?!



  1. I used to exercise before eating but I am less dizzy at the end of a workout when I eat!

  2. I normally eat something small like 50-80 cals, but I actually normally exercise after work and before dinner!

  3. I read that article too! I hate exercising with food in my tummy. On days that I don't work out first thing I need to make sure that I wait, like, 3 hours before going out otherwise my stomach just locks up. I never get sick but my stomach let's me know it's not happy!

  4. I actually really want to hear your thoughts on that article.

    I always feel 20x better when I work out before I eat! Every morning I work out on an empty stomach and I never have issues.

  5. Question Em: I'm gluten free, and I'd love to make a version of these pancakes, but I get skeeved out by all the additives in a lot of GF flours that are mixed for baking. Do you know anything I could supplement for the flour in that recipe?
    Kate x

  6. Haha, I eat pumpkin year-round!
    I exercise before breakfast, but after a small snack.

  7. Well, since the big Christmas meal is just a repeat of Thanksgiving's meal, then why can't pumpkin still be part of the festivities?

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  8. Early morning rush, cooking, dressing up kids, leaving them to school is my exercise, before I hit down for a breakfast and hot cup of tea.

  9. if i do exercise, i always need to do it before breakfast. once i eat, my day starts, and the rest of it i try to talk myself out of exercising!

  10. I agree, fall, where are you?! I am still eating pumpkin like crazy, and don't plan on stopping for a while. I'm making pumpkin butter today or tomorrow, actually.

    I workout before breakfast on most days. To "fuel" I have a bit of granola beforehand.

  11. I eat a little bit before I run - like a cup of cheerios and some raisins - and then have a bigger breakfast afterwards.

  12. I will NEVER be tired of pumpkin. Haha cute gift tags!! Oh and I cannot work out beore breakfast.. I'd be too hungry!

  13. I have to eat breakfast first or I'll get too tired during my workout. I do wait a couple of hours after I eat though.

  14. I always need food before I do something in the morning. And pumpkin? perfection.

  15. Love #6. I don't hold any grudges but I know quiet a few who holds to the past and I see that it is damaging to them. Forgiving is freeing :)

    Thanks for the link to the tags, I'm going to check it out.

    Btw, new to your blog....so just want to say hello!

  16. I usually exercise before breakfast because it can be a dangerous game running with food in my stomach. If it's a long run though, I'll usually eat something small so that my stomach doesn't growl excessively.

  17. I'm so with you on the pumpkin--I can never tire of it!!

    I really like to run before breakfast but if its a +11 miler, I have to have something like banana, PB and toast to sustain.

    happy Holidays!

  18. @kate: what about coconut or rice flour? :)

  19. yay for pumpkin! can't wait to read your thoughts on exercising before breakfast...i always need a snack before.

    merry christmas to you & your family!

  20. I love pumpkin too and its pretty much a staple for me in college... i love stirring it into my oatmeal to get some extra veggies and flavor. Also, i would never have the energy to do a work-out before eating a large meal first!!


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