Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Ok, ok. I promise that when fallslashwinter is over, pumpkin will disappear from this blog. Until then, please indulge.

Pumpkin gnocchi with pumpkin sauce. Loved the sauce, but I need to work on the gnocchi texture, probably because I used whole wheat flour. Any tips for perfecting gnocchi?


Super easy to make, and you also get to take part in some therapeutic dough rolling.


This week has been busy with meetings, the obesity project, nutrition counseling, writing material for my next nutrition class, and discussions about protein powder/supplements and athletic performance (anyone have good resources on this? email me:


{ok, really?!!} I’m definitely more comfortable recommending something vegetable-based, but I’d love any feedback from those of you who use protein powder regularly.

My to-do list looks crazy. Seriously. There is a method to this madness, though…promise. [p.s. I am slightly obsessed with highlighters].


Also, a shoutout to my friend Emily Benson, who interviewed me on her blog, Embracing Liberties. Check out her blog for some pretty entertaining posts and a definitively awesome writing style. Welcome to any new readers!


Also, there will be commentary related to the result of Mark Haub’s research forthcoming. I may have a few things to say…

p.s. it is super nice today, and I just want to be outside!




  1. I don't remember you saying it on here, but I love that you call your consultation business "saving grace nutrition."

  2. You liked the sauce! YAY :)

    That totally made my day!

  3. You might try heating the pumpkin puree before you mix it in the dough. You also want to put in as little flour as possible because those make the lightest gnocchi. I made something similar, but with butternut squash and it was way better when I used fresh roasted and pureed squash instead of putting it in the fridge after I roasted and pureed it.

  4. I've never tried making gnocchi. It kind of intimidates me...

    Is that a picture of your backyard?? I want to come visit!

  5. i've never tried making gnocchi before. and if it wasn't for spellchecker i'd not even know how to spell it! oops.

  6. like that pumpkin sauce!! i need to work on my gnocchi, i've only made it a few times and am not happy with it yet :)

  7. I still think Matt got the idea for pumpkin gnocchi from me....just saying!

    I've never tried to make my own pasta...although it couldn't be that hard, right? We shall see...

    I've never taken protein powder...I think the idea is kind of weird. Do people really need it?

    And to make this a little more always have the prettiest pictures!

  8. Would love to indulge in the pumpkins out there :)

  9. Sounds like you are staying busy Emily, that's great to hear!
    I made sweet potato gnocchi the other day, and it turned out pretty great. I'd love to try it with pumpkin, of course. I will post my SP version soon.

  10. I'm also SUPER obsessed with highlighters!! I have my pack o' 8 colors that I use at work. Every. Day. As for protein powder, I have hemp powder. It's super good for you, but since I don't bake there's only so much you can do with it other than toss it in a smoothie! I'm excited to hear what you come up with for protein goodness... :)

  11. The gnocchi sounds good. I have yet to make any from scratch but it is on my to do list.

  12. your gnocchi looks really good! i made pumpkin gnocchi once too, and i the texture was a bit weird too. i was surprised with how easy it was though.

  13. you can keep the pumpkin recipes coming! i don't plan to slow down either :) both the gnocchi and the sauce sounds so awesome, i hope i have time to try this fall!

  14. looks great to me love the last pic I adore being out doors as well

  15. @julie: thanks for the gnocchi tip!

    @mica: no, it's not exactly my backyard, but it's about 5 minutes away from my house. come visit michigan sometime soon! :)

  16. I would make potato gnocchi and cut some roasted pumpkin "meat" into it. And use a ricer of course.
    Gnocchi is hard to make.

  17. I'm not tired of pumpkin yet. The sauce looks so creamy! I wonder if you used whole wheat pastry flour if the gnocchi texture would improve. I used it in my baking now thanks to a suggestion from another blogger. It love it. It seems to provide a lighter texture.

  18. me too i never tried cooking pumpkin, when i see your recipe i really wanted to cook a recipe for pumpkin but here in the Philippines pumpkin is very rare to find.


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