Friday, November 19, 2010

if i could clone myself right now…

This week has been seriously crazy. I’ve had lots of counseling clients and meetings and also taught another class at the health club.

And then there’s this…

hipster logo copy

Lovely little event that will be going down next Thursday thanks to Foodbuzz. I already spent $50 on local ice cream…priorities, priorities, people! This is the newly designed chapbook cover for Thanksgiving 2010. [I will also do a tutorial on making chapbooks, for those interested].

chapbook cover

My class this week was on shaping up for the holiday season. I always like to serve food at classes to a) prove that healthy food can be delicious and b) shamelessly entice people to come.

herbed popcorn


image via 101 Cookbooks

harvest bars


carrot ginger soup


Here are some tips I found while putting together my class this week. They may be things you already know, but it’s always nice to have a list of strategies to keep you in your skinny jeans (taken from all over the place…not all my original ideas):

shape up for the holidays

  • use a small plate: for some reason, we always want to fill the plate, no matter our appetites. or maybe we just need the plate size to remind us not to overindulge.
  • don’t eat next to the buffet table: it is so easy to munch mindlessly while talking. move away from the food…
  • keep some food on your plate: this way, your friendly hostess won’t push you into eating more.
  • fill half your plate with veggies: perfect way to get in those elusive daily servings.
  • bring a healthy dish: and get a friend to do so, also.
  • never use food rewards: treat yourself to new running gear, an i-tunes card, or a massage instead.
  • enjoy treats {in moderation}: food should be enjoyed, but just don’t go overboard.
  • watch drinkable calories: yes, they do add up, and alcohol does give you the munchies because it can lower blood sugar.

Any other tips to add to these?


p.s. there were a ton of questions on chapbooks, so I will dedicate some time to that subject in a future post…


  1. we do the same thing at the clinic with cooking food to entice people to come to classes!

    my best tip for holiday eating is to know what's going to be there beforehand so there's no surprises

  2. I just posted some tips for the holidays too!
    I'm so glad you are nice and busy Emily, because that means you are getting some business and obviously I'm super happy for you.
    That's great that you are teaching some classes, and heck yeah there is NOTHING wrong with bringing food to entice people to come :) I do it everyday at work!

  3. Great tips!

    I think bringing a healthy dish is key. Hey, it might inspire others to eat healthier as well ;)

  4. herbed popcorn? I'm definitely checking it out!
    great tips. I'd only add:
    enjoy the moment with your loved ones! make food your second priority! :)

  5. I tell people to scope out the buffet options before ever touching a plate so they know what they really want and how much to reasonably get from each food. Otherwise you get excited at the start and just load on and then find your missed something so you go back to pile that on. I tell people to evaluate their veggie options (is there one with butter and one plain steamed) and then protein options. This works well in potluck situations or any other party where the food is spread out.

  6. This is a good tips,Christmas is coming people often forget how many calories are in that Christmas cocktail.

  7. Oh my goodness, those harvest bars look amazing! And I'm definitely going to try using a smaller plate this year :)

  8. Great tips for eating less! I have been working really hard on portion control. Sometimes, it seems like a never ending battle!

    Your carrot ginger soup looks amazing!

  9. great tips! i'm big for the use smaller plates. this is unless it involves pumpkin pie. haha then i say the bigger the better ;)

  10. Those harvest bars look really good & simple, will have to try that recipe this week :)

  11. Good tips! Maybe I should print them out for Tday....

  12. if i could, i would choose to be baked inside those harvest bars..or at least clone one to have sit infront of me, to go with my ginger snap tea!! ohhh that would be DIVINE <3

  13. I would love if I could clone myself too! I'm going to have to catch up on your posts. I definitely would love to treat myself with a massage right now :)

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  15. great tips! i'm HORRIBLE at using my plate as a measuring device. (good thing i eat lots of veggies!) hmmm....only *tip* i'd add is don't let yourself feel too guilty. it is THANKSGIVING, after all; spend your time being thankful, not worried about calories.

    hope you have a great holiday weekend! :)


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