Monday, November 29, 2010

giveaway + the {highly anticipated} chapbook tutorial

If you haven’t checked out my 24^3 Thanksgiving post yet…I’d love for you to click on over. Lots of good food and good times.


[my fantastic sibs: they are way cooler than I am].

I promised a chapbook tutorial, so here you go. In case you were wondering:

chapbook: pocket-sized book filled with poetry, art, recipes, etc.



  • blank 4 x 6 notecards (you can also use recycled paper cut to this size)
  • brown paper lunch bags
  • padding compound
  • binder clips
  • waxed paper
  • heavy books
  • scissors, glue, q-tips

Step 1: Make a cover. I used and typed in my own content.

chapbook cover2

Step 2: Print your content onto 4 x 6 notecards or paper. Arrange tightly in a stack, and attach binder clips to the side closest to the spine of the book.


Step 3: Use a q-tip to spread a thin layer of padding compound on the edge of the spine. Be careful not to let it drip down the back or front covers of your book.


Step 4: Let the padding compound dry overnight. In the morning, remove the binder clips, and press the book in waxed paper between a stack of heavy books for a few hours.


Step 5: Cut a strip for the binding from a brown paper lunch bag, and glue it to the book’s spine. Let dry.


Pretty easy! Let me know if you end up making a chapbook of your own. They make pretty fantastic gifts, and they can be green friendly if you use recycled paper.


And on a more food-related note…

One of the appetizers served on Tgiving was Michigan apples + pumpkin dip, which is slightly addicting [recipe here]. I used a homemade version of Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese.


Greek yogurt hit the blogworld about a year or so ago and is basically regular yogurt with the whey strained out, which makes it thicker. You can easily make your own Greek yogurt by draining regular yogurt through a cheesecloth lined strainer overnight.

If I use yogurt in a recipe, I prefer to use organic (free of hormones). Stonyfield is my go-to brand, and they were nice enough to provide this giveaway [lots of coupons for free yogurt!].

Thanksgiving Giveaway 002

:: Two ways to win ::

1. Comment in response to this post. What’s your fave kind of Stonyfield yogurt, or do you have a fave recipe that incorporates yogurt?

2. Earn an extra brownie point by mentioning the giveaway on your blog or tweeting about it and linking back to this post. Let me know you did so when you comment.

Deadline is Friday, December 3rd at midnight (EDT).

After a busy weekend, I’m craving a long run and some good tunes. What was your fave dish this Tgiving?



  1. my favorite dish is always the turkey. i made sure to bring home enough extras that i'm still eating it :)

    my favorite kind of yogurt is probs strawberry. yummy

  2. The book looks awesome!! My favorite yogurt dish is probably tzatziki sauce.. I think it's so good homemade with yogurt :)

  3. LOVE the chapbook idea! Did you feature some of Bethany's awesome poems?

    I love plain yogurt mixed with cereal and fruit... YUM.

  4. Those books are very cute, thanks for the tutorial. I love the cover that you made too!

  5. Padding compound fascinates me! My favorite yogurt is their vanilla flavor. It makes a great not-too-sweet dessert!

  6. I like Stoneyfield's plain greek yogurt!

  7. I have some of Stonyfield's Greek yogurt in my frige right now! I'm going to try your pumpkin dip on some apples today! Thanks for the recipe :)

    Just curious...where does the name "chapbook" come from??? What a great idea!

  8. I'm not entering the giveaway but I just want to say thanks for the tutorial -- it's great!

  9. my fav is definitely greek yogurt! so creamy! :)

    great tutorial for the chapbook! i haven't made anything from scratch for ages!!! I really liked making things when I was a kid! need to get back to that! ;)

  10. I like using yogurt in my banana bread recipe - makes it really moist!

  11. Sweet potato delicious :)

  12. I always put yogurt in my banana bread

  13. i love lemon yogurt poundcake... the yogurt adds a little extra something

  14. Hi! I am a new follower and LOVE your blog.

    I totally dig greek yogurt! High Protein! My fav flavor is honey vanilla! Sometimes I use the plain yougurt with ranch spices to make a veggie dip!

  15. Oh man, I love the Chapbooks! You are so awesome and crafty, I serious love it!

    I haven't tried that many Stonyfield flavors, maybe just plain...I don't usually get many flavored kinds because the sugar content seems high.

  16. I LOVE Oikos honey - its the perfect amount of sweetness

  17. i love yogurt, banana, and granola. eat it pretty much every day!

    by the way, your 24 x 24 x 24 post was AWESOME---such a fun party and such impressive foods!

  18. i LOVE adding yogurt to a curry base to make a creamy curry sauce for veggies!

  19. I'm boring....I love vanilla Greek yogurt for breakfast....with a banana and granola. :)

    Love your family picture!

  20. Totally making use of wordle! Thanks for the rec.
    I loved the lemon flavor of Stonyfield that I tried--perfect for breakfast parfaits!

  21. I have won this giveaway before, BUT I wouldn't mind winning again! I LOVE Stonyfield Greek yogurt, and it's one of the most popular ones we sell at MD. Lately I've been using it to make turkey salad (shredded turkey, Greek yogurt, celery, apples, hard-boiled eggs, and salt and pepper). It's a huge hit served on whole grain toast or crackers!

  22. I love Stonyfield's plain Greek yogurt. I'm pretty boring...I usually just top it with cereal and nut butter.

  23. I usually buy plain Stonyfield yogurt, but Oikos is delicious when I can afford it!

  24. For some reason I didn't think the books would be so easy, but now I'm considering making them as Christmas presents for my extended family. I'll be sure to send you a photo if I do!

    I've been eating cereal with plain yogurt and tons of fruit lately, for too many meals than I'd care to admit, haha.

  25. I have not have Stoneyfield in so long, but I like to do plain and add my own fruit. Thanks for the info on how to make the chapbook.

  26. I always use Stoneyfields when I eat yogurt!

  27. That book is amazing! I just found your blog and am absolutely loving it! I am your newest follower!


  28. i love plain yogurt! :)

  29. mmm i love stonyfield greek yog! oikos makes for such a fabulous snacker :)

  30. I love the plain or vanilla yogurt!


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