Monday, October 25, 2010

indiana roadtrip

Last week was crazy…thus, the lack of posting! The clean eating class went really well. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I ended up using some giant newsprint, printed signs, and lots of construction paper. I dare you to try and write out bullet points by hand when you are a perfectionist…it won’t work, and you’ll waste a lot of paper.


I blame part of this on my writing style: I slant all of my words to the left. In school, they were always telling us to slant to the right, so naturally I decided that slanting to the left would be a good time.

It was really fun to discuss sustainability and local food with my class, especially when those topics aren’t too popular around here.


On Friday, I headed to Indianapolis to see one of my best friends get married. I saw friends that I haven’t seen for quite some time, so that was nice.


I know other bloggers have brought up the topic of eating lifestyles at weddings, specifically what you do when your eating lifestyle isn’t represented by wedding food. I prefer not to eat meat that isn’t local or organic, but I can pretty much always find something to eat without being tacky. I really believe that you can stick to your values in all sorts of settings.

So many great memories with these girls. My friend Lindsay and I were actually the wedding singers (we used to sing together in college), so that was pretty fun, too.


I visited Hipsterville aka Bloomington on the way home from the wedding and ate the best homemade pumpkin ice cream.


We also went to a neat local food restaurant called Farm. Bloomington is full of these kinds of places, which is fantastic. I was a huge fan of the teal chairs, too.


I had some epic pumpkin soup. I’m pretty sure it had real cream in it and also blended apples. Fall is most definitely soup weather.


I took this photo on the way home. Only if you are a blogger and your camera is an extension of your arm should you ever attempt this while driving. :)


Looking forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs!



  1. Ahh, homemade pumpkin ice cream? That sounds delicious.

    I totally want to visit Hipsterville/Bloomington!

  2. What a gorgeous picture. Wow. that reminds me of a rainbow I saw last summer with my dad, right after we walked out of a wedding, actually.

    Glad you had a nice weekend. Your poster looks great. I always type instead of write, because like you, I am never happy with how my handwriting turns out!

  3. Haha, you rocked that taking pictures while driving thing ; )

    I agree, I think it's possible to stick to your own eating habits regardless of where you are and you don't have to be rude or tacky in the process.

  4. What a fun week you've had! Pumpkin ice cream sounds AMAZING. Love the rainbow!!

  5. homemade pumpkin ice cream sounds heavenly!!

  6. wow, that ice cream and soup sound delish! I <3 pumpkin anything :)

  7. that rainbow is breathtaking! yes, the things bloggers do for pix!

  8. What an awesome photo!! Love that you filled your weekend with all things pumpkin :)


  9. That sounds like you had an awesome time at the wedding and so cool that you were the wedding singer.

  10. So happy your clean eating class went well! I didn't realize Bloomington was such a hipster town... makes me want to visit.

    We definitely share the pumpkin obsession :) pumpkin ice cream sounds incredible!

  11. Haha I'm still entertained by your "slanting to the left to knock the system" theory. Atta girl!

    And that is a gorgeous rainbow--glad you were able to snap a pic!

  12. glad to hear you had a great weekend!! i know what you mean about wedding receiptions: super fun, but the food won't necessarily align with your typical eating habits. i'm almost- vegetarian/almost-vegan, who doesn't eat anything fried so yeah...i'm pretty high maintenance. if you have any tips on how to survive the embarrassment, i'd love to hear about them! :)

  13. Awww what a great weekend!! I LOVE random road trips! wedding receptions are my fav!

  14. lovely trip adore weddings :-) one day we will see Emily's on here lol


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