Friday, September 10, 2010

salads are not boring, people

I’ll never forget the time I told a friend in college that I was studying dietetics. He said, “So…you eat a lot of lettuce, right?!” For some reason, eating healthfully is synonymous with bland and boring in the eyes of most Americans. Simple does not mean tasteless.


Yes, I do eat a lot of salads, but I think they’re pretty far from boring, especially when using my new fave kitchen tool. CSN was kind enough to provide this spiralizer for review [yes, it looks like a modern day torture machine, but I promise it’s harmless].


In 10 seconds, cabbage becomes coleslaw. I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical about the efficiency of this machine, but it was pretty impressive. I think this would be a great way to get kids to eat more veggies. Sometimes it’s more fun to eat vegetables and fruit in interesting shapes.


Add carrots, celery seed, Vegenaise (or mayo if you’d prefer), and a few other ingredients for a quick weeknight salad. Try this recipe!


Spiralized apples put a fun twist on regular old waldorf salad…and take the work out of chopping 60 billion apples.


Research has shown we crave variety, and I think this is certainly true for food preparation. However, let it be known that I’ve been stuck in an oatmeal rut for about 3 years now?!

If you’re getting tired of eating vegetables, try a different prep method. Experiment with different shapes, mixing hot and cold ingredients, a new dressing, or even a blended salad.

Fave salads or salad dressings? Please share…I’m sure we’re all looking for interesting new ways to eat veggies!



  1. it's a tendency of people to think that eating veggies is eating salad with plain lettuce. So naive!!! I think actually eating healthy explores much more our creativity! :)
    spiralized veggies are fun to eat! I might make some zucchini noodles for lunch! ;)

  2. I definitely think that more kids would eat fruits and veggies if they came in fun shapes! Hello, ants on a log, anyone?? Kids gobble up celery! (Or maybe they just like the peanut butter...) Chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs are a big hit, so why not find a way to get fruit/veggies to be the same? There's the million dollar idea!

  3. i think that the only veggie i don't put in salads is lettuce! so my salads are NEVER boring. glad you feel the same way about keeping salads exciting :)

    but i can be boring because i like my veggies plain hahah

  4. I just love everything about salads.. there is so much versatility especially when you start to include tuna/salmon/chicken/egg salads!!

    I love Good Seasonings dressing but I increase the water and decrease the oil recommended.

  5. I eat one everyday! Spinach has to be my all time favorite base. I love to add salmon, nuts, goat cheese, and fruit. Mmm...

  6. ahhhh!! i neverrrrrrrr thought to use my spiralizer for cabbage! i love love love you for posting this hahaha i can't wait to use it for that :) woo!!

  7. ooh cool ive always wanted a spiralizer!!! all the fun veggies look delish!!

  8. Ooh, the spiralizer looks so cool and extremely efficient. I love your take on the Waldorf salad. I don't eat many cold, lettuce-based salads, but I'd definitely eat one made by you!

  9. Cabbage with a spiralizer is so fast!! Great idea Em.

  10. omg! look at that spiralizer shredding at the speed of light! haha <3

    at first i thought the post said "salads are not boring, people are!" haha.. that could be true too, not of us tho :P

    xoxo <3

  11. Spiralizers are amazing inventions, I tell you. I love mine!
    I really love greens with fresh berries, cottage cheese, pecans, & wheat germ!

  12. The spiralizer is amazing. I don't have one...yet:) I love making chopped salads with whatever I have in the fridge, sometimes the seemingly strangest combination go great together. And you can never go wrong with olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

  13. I often am cautious about such kitchen gadgets, but this one looks like it is totally useful, one that I can get really excited about. I'll have to look into getting one.

  14. I need to get one of these, pronto!!
    I had a great salad dressing last night, which was a sesame and soy ginger dressing, or something like that. I love dressings with ginger in them!!!

  15. oh my lord, what CAN'T you spiralize?!?!

  16. yay for fun kitchen toys!!! haha. Over the summer I made a slaw salad pretty much every day: red cabbage base, shredded carrots, assorted beans, canned corn, shredded cucumber, grape or cherry tomato, any sweet dressing! yum yum.

  17. do you think a spiralizer is better than or just equal to using the grating thing in a food processor?

    i loooove salads-great post :)

  18. I am agree with you salad is not boring its great for health.
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  19. I just posted about using my spiralizer for the first time - it's so fun!

  20. Ihave tons of apples so I will be using them in my new spiralizer. Thanks for the great chat tonight!


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