Tuesday, August 3, 2010

spontaneity & sandwiches

Sometimes you just want to make peanut butter cookies at 11:30 pm after an exciting episode of hgtv design star {anyone else hooked?!}…even though you are a dietitian. Hey, I used whole wheat and spelt flour…that counts for something, right?!


I’ve always promoted moderation, and I think that an almost-midnight batch of cookies is worth it.

I think the same rule of spontaneity applies when you return to a mysterious bag of basil on your front porch. I guess it’s pesto night.


Did you know you can also make pesto from fresh asparagus?

I went running in the humid 80 degree weather and almost died. Everyone I ran by was biking, which was probably a much smarter idea. I’m so jealous of those people who actually run better in the heat and humidity. Maybe I should take up bikram yoga?

:: building a better sandwich ::

To everyone who claims that a sandwich just doesn’t do the job at lunch…maybe you need to reassess your building skills? A few tips to help your sandwich tide you through more than a couple hours:

Make sure to include a protein source. Protein takes longer to digest and will provide longer lasting energy. This sandwich is protein packed with tofu and eggs + cukes and pickles. Try hummus or beans for other vegetarian source of protein.

100_3464 (2) - Copy

Use whole wheat bread or wraps. Extra fiber = more complete satiation. Try this combo: hummus, sprouts, lettuce, cukes, and tomato.


Add veggies for crunch and fiber. Eating more slowly leads to better digestion [check out Kim Snyder’s post on digestion here]. Try starchy vegetables like sweet potato or some of my faves: cukes, zukes, and sprouts.


What are your winning sandwich combos? I find that eating fresh vegetables at lunch translates into feeling better and more energized throughout the rest of the day.

Job interviewing in Kath’s neighborhood this week!



  1. who doesn't like to make cookies late at night?! my favorite sandwich of the moment is: turkey, cucumber, tomato, pickles and french (spicy) mustard. ugh. i want lunch like now haha

  2. WOW your sandwiches look aweeesome girl!!! I LOVE any sandwich WITH CHEESE! haha- it must have cheese! have you tried the tempeh+cheddar+jam combo yet? i havent but it always looks so good ! i need to get on that.

  3. you're making me crave some of those yummy sandwiches for lunch now!! love the combinations!
    it's going to be 101 in st. louis today!! i def cant take this heat and def will not be running :(
    good luck on the interview!!

  4. Those sandwiches look good!

    Today I have a salmon burger, hummus, avocado, spinach, and tomato. Tasty :)

  5. Those are great looking sandwiches! I never keep fixins' in the fridge, so maybe I should stock up on pickles, banana peppers, hummus, sprouts, etc.

  6. Haha I love baking late at night!! :)

  7. ah what CAN'T you make pesto out of ?!?!

  8. Thanks for the pb cookie link! I had all the ingredients on hand, so they are in the oven now! :)

  9. i love hummus with cucumbers and craisins! talk about a colorfully delicious sandwich :)

    and yes, everything is good in moderation. i'm all for it.

    have a marvelous day!

  10. Such delicious sandwiches! I love hummus with avocado and tomato on mine:)

  11. Sandwiches are the best lunch food. Yours look great!

    My favorite sandwich: turkey, avocado, hummus, sprouts, spinach, and red pepper. I've also put pesto on sandwiches before, which is delicious!

  12. I agree, WW and some source of protein are the keys for a fulling sandwich! :)
    I like having sandwiches for lunch, quick and easy, very efficient.

  13. I think EVERYONE is entitled to midnight baking, even nutritionists :)

    good luck with your interview!!

    and great post on sandwiches...now that we have a panini press I am ALL about the sandwiches!

  14. I actually don't eat sandwiches too much since I tend to eat "dinner food" for lunch...something I got used to working evening shift since at the beginning I never knew if I would be eating dinner or not! Now it's just what I do...

    Anyway! Sandwiches, I loooove. I ate turkey sandwiches for a long time...and I think pickles are key to sandwiches...they're just so tasty!

    Good luck with the interview...fingers and toes crossed!!

  15. I get in the mood to bake late at night, all the time! Sadly the only thing that stops me is that I don't eat wheat. I need to keep oat bran flour (what I use for pizza) in my house at all times. Or....maybe not!

    I miss sandwiches a lot, since I have yet to find a tasty wheat-free bread. I did eat a sandwich the other day, with wheat bread, and it tasted amazing. I am letting the wheat thing slide on occasion, as long as I'm willing to pay the price! It was worth it.

  16. i love random night baking and being spontaneous is totally worth it when you make delicious cookies like these!! theyre so plump and textures looking MmMMmMM i can almost taste them!!! <3

  17. I've been in a sandwich slump lately, none of them seem appealing, but this made me think twice about them! I always love to put cucumbers on mine.

    Hope the interview goes/went well. Thinking very good thoughts for you!

  18. This is a great lesson on the fundamentals of a sandwich. I agree with you on the moderation part, I like to have a little bit of everything to keep life exciting and healthy.

    I'd be interested in your experiment with Bikram yoga. Who knows we all might benefit from it.

  19. I am going through a crazy pesto phase, but I DID NOT know you could make it with asparagus. Yum!! Making cookies at midnight is totally acceptable in my book :)


  20. Mmmm these all look wonderful! I don't eat many sandwiches these days, but I love a BLT with the addition of smoked salmon and/or avocado :)

  21. People who run in hot, humid weather have mental problems. Sorry, it's true!

    And it's a shame you're interviewing in Kath's neighborhood rather than in DC... we go hiiking all the time in VA in Shenandoah and the surrounding areas. SO beautiful!


  22. Nothing like a good splurge now and again! Brings you back to how much you appreciate moderation :-) Or at least, that's my take on it!


  23. Interesting sandwich combos! I'm so boring. It's usually just turkey, cheese, onions and dijon mustard for me! Sometimes a smear of hummus. Yeah, I think I need to start packing in some more veggies! And those cookies look so good...mmm...

  24. Those cookies look amazing... I'm definitely making them.
    Moderation is the key! Dietitians eat cookies too :)

  25. Oooo, the cookies look so yummy! I was just thinking about making some.


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