Sunday, August 1, 2010

berry heaven

My mom and I picked a mountain of blueberries this week…so far, we’ve frozen 7 pints! We’re lucky to have some friends who have more blueberries than they can pick and do not sell their produce; this means free blueberries for us.


nutritional benefits of blueberries

  • contain anthocynanins [colored pigment], which serve as antioxidants; may assist in brain health
  • contain ellagic acid, which is cancer preventative
  • contain pectin, a form of soluble fiber
  • contain tannins, which may reduce inflammation
  • 1 cup contains about 81 calories and is considered a very good source of vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber and a good source of vitamin E

We bought these blackberries at the farmers’ market, but they were really sour. Once rinsed, they tasted a little bit better but still not fantastic.


Naturally, the only thing to do was to make blackberry sauce. Just add a little water and sweetener of your choice and cook down [you can even do this in the microwave].


Blackberry sauce tastes pretty great on top of oatmeal waffles. I like to use whole wheat flour and brush coconut oil on my waffle iron before cooking each waffle. I actually made 2 separate batches today, one for my parents and me and one for my brother, who stopped home from camp {he’s working as a counselor this summer} this afternoon.

I’ve noticed quite a few berry recipes popping up in the blog world lately. Check these out for more ideas [photos courtesy of the blogs below]:

Any other berry fanatics out there?



  1. wow! Lucky you and your friends who have easy access to such healthy berries.

  2. yeah~ I'm a raspberry fanatic. I wish they're less expensive though ;)

  3. I am actually not a huge berry fan! I love fruit, but I prefer bananas, apples, pears, peaches, ect...

  4. oh, yum yum! those waffles look so delish. want to help me pack this wknd? hehe.

  5. i could put blueberries in anything! in fact i'm going to go dig into the carton i have right now...

  6. YUMMM. I didn't even know blueberries contained vitamin E. Or maybe I did? I love frozen blueberries, even more than fresh for some reason. I can't get enough. I've also been into fresh strawberries, in my ice cream. So yummy.

  7. I love them, but my sister is the biggest blueberry fan ever. When she was very little, she managed to climb into the fridge and pull out a bowl and we found her in the kitchen on the floor making a mess of them. My guess is that she was 3-4 years old. I still get emails from her from time to time saying she things she ate too many blueberries. I really like blackberries.

  8. Berries are the best part of summer! I'm always so sad when they are crappy and expensive in the middle of winter. I'm glad to know that blueberries have so much going for them--more excuse to eat lots!

  9. Beautiful berries! I am a berry lover too--today alone I've already had raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries:)

  10. oh my goodness you are so lucky! I want to jump right in that bowl of blueberries :) love summer berries

  11. yum, berries! your waffles look great and i love the idea of the sauce. so simple and such a great way to eat berries! and thanks for linking to our recipe =)

  12. just saying 'oatmeal waffles' has me drooling!!! such a perfect way to encorporate summer berries! AMAZING!


  13. i have been having SUCH an obsession with blackberries as of late! i just wish they weren't so dang expensive you know! i can't BELIEVE you scored so many bloobs! you'll be eating blueberries until they're right back in season next summer haha

  14. I love berries of all sorts! My dad thinks it's funny when people spend $4 on a small container of raspberries because they used to pick them by the bushel and just sit and eat what would now cost like $12 for a snack!

  15. Blueberries and blackberries are most definitely my 2 favorite fruits. And I love how healthy they are :) Every time I buy them I mean to make something with them, but I always end up gobbling them all on their own!


  16. We always stock up on berries at the farmers' market. They are PRICEY, but so worth it and so good for you.

    If they're sour, you should ripen them for a bit first. Put 'em in a paper bag with an apple or banana. :)


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