Thursday, November 12, 2009

get your beauty sleep

No, seriously. I mean it.

Research has suggested that getting <7-8 hrs of sleep or >7-8 hrs of sleep per night could be detrimental to your health. 


[This = last year at Christmas. All those papers I fell asleep with? My dietetic internship application]

Skimping on sleep or getting too much sleep may lead to*:

  • higher circulating levels of ghrelin (appetite stimulating hormone)
  • lower circulating levels of leptin (satiation hormone)
  • increased risk of weight gain {because of the above}
  • increased risk of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes
  • increased risk of cardiovascular disease

*Alvarez GG, Ayas NT.Prog Cardiovasc Nurs. 2004 Spring;19(2):56-9. Review.

Plus, sleep is important for immune health. I know I haven’t been doing the best job at getting maximum sleep at night. I’ve been spending too much time figuring out what I’m going to do post internship {yet, I’m still not sure..hmm}.


This savory roasted red pepper soup will rock your world [and it’s vegan]. There are some complex flavors going on, and it’s blended, which automatically makes it amazing. As a spice wimp, I left out the cayenne, but it was still pretty hot with the addition of an entire jalapeno.


What goes pretty well with soup? Kale bagels, of course. Many of you said you were inspired by my bagel-making efforts {why thanks, you flatter}. Others were not so sure about the color slash flavor.


I did get a question regarding the nutrients lost when cooking kale.

Most carotenoids and many vitamins are heat stable.  In fact, some are even made more bioavailable through heating, which helps release them from the food matrix. One exception is vitamin C, which is heat sensitive and easily oxidized. The kale was sautéed, boiled, and baked in the bagel-making process, so the losses from these combined processes may be significant (I don’t know that anyone has ever measured this). If you compare raw and cooked kale, you can see a difference, but cooked kale is still packed with good nutrition.

1 c. raw kale

1 cup raw kale

1 c. boiled kale

1 c. cooked kale

So, maybe I shouldn’t have said you lose considerable nutritional benefits by cooking kale, but you do lose some nutrition {thanks Lynn, for the pointing this out}.

Just a quick note: my ASN post on the 24^3 event is up. Any comment love is much appreciated! I think it’s pretty neat that a pro-sustainability post can be featured on such a visible venue, and I hope that many of the nutrition scientists will read it. I know many of you have already read about the 24^3 event, but stop by the ASN page if you can! :-)

asn blog

The weekend is almost here! I see yoga, Soulard, a blogger meet-up, and some running in the works. What are your plans?



  1. Hm. I definitely don't get enough sleep....I sleep abt 5-6 hours a day if I'm good. Sometimes 4.
    Hey, what if I take a nap? I usually always take a nap in the evening...

  2. Were you smiling in your sleep? Must have been a good dream. :)

    I sleep a seriously takes a lot of work to drag my butt out of bed in the morning. I do remember the days when I lived on six hours of sleep...yikes!

  3. i'm a big fan of sleep - and am tickled pink when i get at least 8 hours. i don't have an excuse as to why i don't!!!

    i'm off to austin this weekend. should be fun! have a great one!

  4. Aw, you looked so peaceful :)
    That soup looks awesome and so does the bagel!

  5. I enjoy so much a good night sleep, ideally 9 hours is what I consider a beauty sleep. Unfortunately I don't do that often unless i'm totally exhausted.
    that soup looks good, i'm heading to check out the recipe.

  6. Ahhh, sleep, the best drug available. I wonder if the lack of sleep "may lead toos" would help a cancer patient gain weight and increase appetite. I guess the immune function is more important.

    I love the blender. I was reading about this bar and they claimed that their bar was more nutritious because it was "rolled" and not blended. What do you think? "rolled" means they just mash everything together.

    Thanks for the kale info. What does that say about raw foods?
    Sorry for all the questions. This post was very thought provoking.

  7. I have been getting a lot more sleep lately- winter hibernation! Good to know it's a good thing for my body :D

    Blog meet up sounds fun- enjoy!

  8. Emily, this was a great post (as always). Regarding sleep, it's SO important! I can even tell that my appetite has increased on days that I don't get enough sleep. It's really true, I hate it. And, when I get too much sleep it's almost worst.

    The savory roasted red pepper soup sounds delicious!
    Hope you are enjoying your week, and have a great weekend! I am going to the game tomorrow, GO BUCKS!

  9. I love my Zzzz's! I go home early from nights out just so I can get sleep - me pulling all nighters?! Yeah right!

    Your kale bagels are so interesting to me! In a good way, of course :)

  10. Bah, I really do need to be better about getting a uniform amount of sleep every night. I usually skimp during the week and try to make up during the weekends, which I don't think works.

    MMmm, I want a kale bagel right now!

  11. Yeah sleep is a pretty important thing and too many people aren't getting enough. Luckily I have been doing pretty good with it.

    That soup looks yummy. Going to have to make that sometime.

  12. Sadly I have been sick and in bed all day. Not sleeping the whole time but way more than usual. I am just glad Ryan brought me my lap top in bed.

  13. Thanks for the great info! I've only been getting around 6 hours a night-- I have to try a little harder :) That kale bagel looks delicious, too!

  14. Super cute pic of you - LOVE the detailed explanation! On that note....maybe I should go get my beauty sleep :)

  15. hahahaha sleep is so important and so something I dont get enough of! I wissssh there were more hours in the day!

    I still think you should sell your kale bagels to the local bagel store ;)

  16. I certainly need more sleep! I think we're in constant sleep deprivation. I can totally tell the difference in everything when I don't get enough. Are there some people who naturally don't need a lot of sleep? I heard martha stewart only gets about 4 hours/night all the time, but she's a crazy lady anyways. Yummy soup!


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