Monday, September 7, 2009

fiber, it moves me

That’s the slogan we adopted for our student dietetic association t-shirts, no kidding. My brother though it was such a hilarious saying that he claimed my shirt as his own.

 fiber shirts

Um…this photo is from my junior year of college. It must have been a bad hair…year.

But yes, today’s post is about fiber.

To start out my morning, I tried the infamous green monster{check out the GM movement}.My good friend and fellow OSU nutritionist Gina, recently tried her first green monster, so I decided to give it a shot.


monster mix:

  • 2-3 leaves kale (I know, I know…probably not the best idea because it is so darn bitter)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 T peanut butter
  • ~ 1 cup almond milk

Honestly, I thought this might be terrible. I was wrong, though. Surprisingly, the sweetness of the banana and the almond milk surpassed the bitterness of the kale. Amazing. Can’t wait to see if it gives me more energy as many GM-lovers have said.

So what’s so fantastic about kale anyway?

  • contains phytonutrients that may help prevent cancer
  • increases production of enzymes involved in detoxification
  • excellent source of pro-vitamin A
  • excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C
  • good source of fiber  (1 cup cooked = 10.4% DV)
  • very good source of calcium (1 cup of kale supplies 93.6 mg of calcium, 9.4% of the daily value for this mineral)
  • also a copper, vitamin B6, and potassium


[zucchini, my favorite summer vegetable and another very good source of fiber]

I read a paper last week about  dietary fiber, which is often recommended for those who have diabetes because it promotes weight loss and increases insulin sensitivity.

Soluble Fiber Insoluble Fiber
partially dissolves in water does not dissolve in water
sources: oats & oatmeal, legumes (peas, beans, lentils), barley, fruits & vegetables (esp oranges, apples, & carrots) sources: whole grain foods, nuts & seeds, flax seed
-decreases postprandial glucose response
-decreases total and LDL CHOL
-decreases gastric emptying

-decreases risk of type 2 diabetes
-increases insulin sensitivity
-speeds gut transit time

Both types of fiber…

  • increase energy density, bulking effect (reduce diarrhea), & satiety
  • decrease weight gain & inflammation

Recommendations for the general population:

14 g of fiber/1000 calories consumed.

For a 2000 calorie diet, this would be 28 g, etc.

So, don’t forget to include some fiber in your diet today.  What are some of your fave fiber sources?

Happy Labor Day!



  1. Excellent info about fiber. I love that you included the actual guidelines for fiber. I think many people do not know what amount of fiber they need. The American diet is way too low on fiber. One of my faves for getting in fiber is pears. These are a lot higher in fiber than you might think (about 5 g fiber in a medium pear). That's slighty higher than an apple. I actually once had a patient tell me he eats an apple a day since an apple is natures plunger. That was a fun conversation! But a great point, ya can't argue with that. Love the t-shirts too.

  2. Hahaha! Love the t-shirts. Thanks for the fiber info, too. My fave sources of fiber are oats, pumpkin, and eggplant :)

  3. Love the shirt. It's really cute. My favorite source of fiber is of course from fruits and veggies. Skin on if possible.

  4. Green Monsters are the best! I use spinach in my smoothies. banana and mango is my favorite combo!

  5. That's a great shirt!

    Hm...I like brown rice for my fiber, plus raspberries.

  6. I love the t-shirt! (and also find it hilarious that you referenced a "green monster movement" in a fiber post!)

    Fiber...can't really go wrong with fruit/veggies/wholegrains. I am a little wary of things that have added fibre (snack bars, etc). Legumes and broccoli are two of my top-eats right now!

  7. fun pic of you, you were like a little girl there, so cute! ;)

    I just had GM.... hahha.... spinach tastes much better than kale, you should try it!

    favorite fiber source? raw veggies, especially celery!

    Great info about fiber, I'll feed my parents with fiber! :)

  8. HAHA love the shirt! Thanks for the fiber 411 :)

    My fiber all stars: apples, oats, red bell peppers, and mushrooms

    What is on your zucchini? It looks really good!

  9. LOVE the shirts!! I would have claimed it as my own as well :)
    The Green Monster sounds good. I've never heard them made with kale, but that's a great idea...why not?! The banana is a must, I noticed that when I made mine. I am not even a big fan of bananas but it made the smoothie much better!

  10. Hey Emily.

    First, I want to try this GREEN MONSTER! Ive always been interested, but after blending spinach into a smoothie one time and turning out not so well, ive been a little apprehensive.
    However, I believe it is time to try again.

    I absoutly love the shirts. I myself dont get enough fiber. So personally, I buy benefiber and add it to my smoothie.

    The zucchini look fantastic!

  11. Yummy lookin green monster!
    My fave fiber sources, aside from broccoli, are probably pumpkin and hemp--they both pack quite a fibrous punch!

  12. I WANT THAT SHIRT! It defines me, because I, uh, move up to 3 times a day sometimes.

    Oh, and fav fiber source: oats and nuts and fruit!

  13. Hehe, I <3 that shirt. Congrats on your first GM! Do you steam your kale?

  14. Kale has more health benefits than I knew! I make and eat kale chips a few times a week! I get my fiber from veggies and whole grains like noodles, rice, Kashi cereal, sprouted tortillas, and of course fruit!

  15. Yay for fiber! And what a gorgeous green monster smoothie. Having a green juice or a green smoothie is absolutely my favorite way to start my day. What a wake up!

  16. I love being overseas, but right now we are at a small Air Force base and they do not even have an Air Force dietitian here. At other, larger bases I could probably find work clinically contracted out to the base hospital. For now I am teaching online courses in nutrition- undergrad and also medical terminology courses. I switched my ADA state affiliation to the overseas dietetic association and I was amazed to see how many RDs live overseas. If you have an opportunity to work as a dietitian overseas (some countries have rules as to what you need to do to practice), take it. Nothing beats the experience of learning about another culture and actually living it.

  17. Cute shirts!

    I probably tend too eat too much fiber from veggies, whole grains, oat bran, and legumes. But it's all good.

    Hope the green monster powered your through your day. I rally need to try one, but I'm waiting til I'm in my own hose with my own blender! :)

    Your zucchini bread from your previous post looks so yummy!

  18. Haha I LOVE those shirts! Awesome.

    I really can't get into green monsters...maybe I don't blend enough, maybe I don't add enough to cover the taste of spinach, but I just don't like them!

  19. Em, your blog gets better and better. Hope I can get a guest feature after this weekend. I will take mucho pics of the bars I make. My Top 5 Fiber sources are: Kashi raisin bran with clusters, WF Bird Bread, Quinoa, Lentils, and figs. I love figs.

  20. ooooh i LOOOVE fiber, and more importantly i love that shirt on you!!! it's super cute!!!

    Fiber definitely moves me too!! I like to get mine through veggies, but I have to admit, I cheat and get it through kashi go lean with high fiber, and a yucky ucky fiber mix...also known as metamucil. *sigh* Irregularity SUCKS.

  21. hahaha oh my god I LOVE those tshirts!!

  22. I love this slogan!!! I must admit- I find it funny too! and come to think of it- it's very true! The actin and myosin fibers in your muscle fibers makes you move. Isn't it?


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